My Birthday Celebration at Hospicio de san Jose, Manila

I usually don’t do much on my birthday as I don’t really hold a celebration or anything like that. However, this year I wanted to celebrate it, and for a few months I have been looking as to how I can do it in a way that I can help and maybe, bring joy to other people’s lives.

Stumbling upon U!Happy Events’ website, I looked through their previous events and programs and seeing how well-organised they were, I decided to create my own event for my birthday with their organisation.

Hospicio de San Jose 07

I chose to hold my early birthday celebration at Hospicio de San Jose. You might be asking why Hospicio? For starters, this is the orphanage that we, though not really that frequently, donate old clothes and toys and other such items throughout the years.

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Month-date: March 2017

Well, obviously I ended up skipping some months orz. ;; This is mainly because I’ve been too lazy to come up with a month-date post, but I think that it’s high time to start writing one again! So, I’m going to do a recap of this month’s highlights, and some mundane things too just to spice things up lol, on this post! ❤



One of the greatest highlights for me this month would be our staycation in Sofitel, which I did a post about and you can check it out here.  Hehe, I really love the resort vibe of this place, and I could stay for hours in their pool area – given that I have an interesting book with me, or my phone would suffice as they have crazy fast wi-fi.

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My Blog Turns 1!

As I have mentioned in my ‘About’ page, I have done numerous attempts on blogging. I’ve tried Blogger, Tumblr, and even had several WordPress blogs before this one. All of them lasted only for a couple of weeks though, except for my Tumblr blog, but I only used it to repost photos and memes that I found to be funny, or pretty fanart. Sooo, yeah, this is the first time that I’ve actually stuck with a blog and post new content regularly.

Down below are just some of my thoughts and reflections of having reached this milestone. Hopefully I’ll have more more blog-niversaries in the future! Definitely looking forward to it. ❤


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