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Dinner Buffet at Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

A week or so ago, we went to Manila Hotel to belatedly celebrate my Aunt’s birthday. Anyway, we arrived there at around 7:30PM and the place was already quite packed. Since we had a reservation, we were able to be seated immediately.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 05

Some of the food they offer in the Japanese area of the buffet.

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7 Flavors by Chef Logro, San Juan

7 Flavors Buffet and A la Carte is co-owned by Chef Boy Logro. He’s a local celebrity chef so to speak, and he has his own show on GMA which airs every Saturday. I actually didn’t know that he has a restaurant of his own, until I received an invite to have dinner there!

Aren’t you curious as to why the restaurant is called 7 Flavors? Well, there are 7 different types of flavours (sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, astringent, and umami), and that’s where they got their inspiration for the name of the restaurant.

7Flavors Buffet San Juan 02

The facade of 7 Flavors, which is really nice and very pleasing to the eye.

Diners here at 7 Flavors won’t have a hard time at all when it comes to where to park their car because they have ample parking spaces here. According to Mr. Albert M. Borja II, COO of 7 Flavors, if there’s no more parking space, they will offer free valet services to their customers.

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Yoree Korean Dining, Molito Alabang

As I don’t live near the South, it’s really rare for us to go to Alabang. Hence, when we were in the area, I was really overwhelmed with the food choices there. We ended up deciding on eating at Yoree Korean Dining.

Yoree Alabang 00

Some of the side dishes that they serve per person. You can ask for free refills too!

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Fireside by Kettle, Power Plant Makati

Fireside by Kettle has been one of the restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try out for quite some time now. So, when we went here, I had high hopes for the place and the food and I’m quite happy to say that Fireside by Kettle delivered!

Fireside by Kettle 0

To start off the meal, we had their Asian Shrimp Salad. Not really fond of salad, or shrimp (I was allergic to shrimp when I was a kid, and I honestly don’t know if I still am now, but I generally just try to stay away from it lol), I did not try this one.

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Tim Ho Wan, Robinsons Manila

Tim Ho Wan has been in the local foodie scene for a while now, and yet, it’s only recently that we got to try it out as every time we pass it by, the queues are too long and we would end up going someplace else entirely. One day as we passed by we saw that there were no lines and thus, we finally got to eat here, haha. 😀

Tim Ho Wan 0

We got their Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, which is one of the dishes that is included on the ‘4 Heavenly Kings’ part on their menu. This is a ‘must-order’ in Tim Ho Wan, and, if I’m not mistaken this is the dish that made Tim Ho Wan famous in the first place! For me, the pork buns were just alright, and I did find it to be a bit on the sweet side. I wish that the buns could have been flakier though.

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Texas Roadhouse at S Maison, MOA

Ever since I saw the sign advertising that Texas Roadhouse was going to open at S Maison, I was really excited for it to open. I’ve always wanted to try eating there, but problem was their other branch at Uptown Mall, BGC, was too far away and my mom and I always end up eating at a different establishment.

Of course when Texas Roadhouse finally opened its doors, my mom and I immediately checked it out. Well, actually, it was totally just by chance that we were there during their first day lol.

We’ve been to Texas Roadhouse twice, so I’ll be including photos of our order from both times we went! Haha, just a little heads-up as we can’t (usually lol \shot) really eat so much food in just one sitting.

Texas Roadhouse free bread basket

For starters, they served us freshly baked bread with their cinnamon butter. Their bread is so yummy, and for both times we went, I asked for seconds (more like thirds and fourths \cri)! I also really love their cinnamon butter and it just goes well with their bread. They also have a bucket of peanuts that you can munch on while waiting for your food to arrive.

Texas Roadhouse All American Burger

This is their All American Burger with American cheese. I asked them to separate the lettuce and tomatoes. I found their burger to be quite plain, so this is not a must-order for me – nor do I see myself ordering this again in the future. Still, I will most likely check out their other burger variants.

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Coffee at Costa, Robinsons Manila

There are quite a number of coffeeshops in Robinsons Place Manila, and these days, one of our fave coffeeshops would be Costa.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila 02

The ambiance here is really nice, and there always seems to be a laid-back vibe going through the place. Passing by, you will also spot a red telephone booth (which is just a prop, haha), which is quite a famous British icon, but that’s no surprise as the brand came from the UK.

Little trivia: In Britain, Costa is the largest coffeehouse chain.

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A Memorable Day with Child Haus Manila

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was to celebrate a special occasion in a meaningful manner. Last February 27, it was my Uncle’s birthday, and with the help of MyBirthday Foundation, we were able to celebrate it with kids stricken with cancer and their guardians at Child Haus Manila.


My uncle, Michael Angelo, after months of battle with leukemia, passed away last August 2015. If he had lived, he would have been 27 years old today. That’s mainly the reason why we chose Child Haus as our beneficiary – though I myself do not know first-hand the struggle and pain that a person with cancer goes through, I have seen for myself that it is indeed a hard battle. For that reason, my family and I wanted to throw a small celebration for the kids at Child Haus, so that at the very least, even if just for a day, they can forget and have fun just like any normal kid.



Some of the kids and guardians that attended our celebration.

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Staycation at Sofitel Plaza, Manila

There are a few times in a year that my family is given the chance to stay overnight at Sofitel Plaza (also known as Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila) – perks of being an Accor Plus Member. Anyway, though we get to stay here a couple of times already, the experience never gets old.


Road to paradise, haha, I think every aspect of Sofitel is picture-worthy! When you’re here, I think it’s easy for you to get an Instagrammable shot. 🙂


My *staycation* essentials:

-Pilot Pikachu that I got from Kansai International Airport – he’s always strapped on to my camera bag haha!

-My phone(s) – now this I cannot go anywhere without! Though I mainly use my camera to capture moments, I still bring my phone around as back-up; usually just to quickly snap a photo or video to share on IG, or maybe post a Tweet on Twitter. Anyway, in this day and age where there seems to be wi-fi everywhere (if not, mobile data’s there to save the day!), these babies are usually with me wherever I go, staycation or not. Anyway, Sofitel has really fast wi-fi so I definitely have to bring ’em with me lol.

-A book. I brought Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner with me. It’s really interesting and thought-provoking. One of the best books I’ve read so far this year!

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Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory & LeTao @ Power Plant, Makati

I was pleasantly surprised that while we were strolling through Power Plant, we stumbled upon Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory and LeTao. They are both brands hailing all the way from Japan.


Their store is pretty small, on one side you have Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, and on the other you have a small display of LeTAO’s cheesecake. This is just a pop-up store though, just like the other pop-up stores that they have in Uptown Mall and Greenbelt. 🙂

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