Dinner at Belgo, London

There are various Belgo branches around London but the one we went to was in Noord in Camden Town. This was the first restaurant we dined in upon arrival to London.

The interior of the place is quite nice, however to get to the dining area, we had to climb a short flight of stairs – which isn’t really that much trouble, although the way was a bit dim.

Belgo London 00

I especially love the well-lit (and colourful, haha) bar area. They have a lot of beers on the menu (around 70! They have tons of beers from draught pilsners to  white  and Trappist ales), but since none of us really fancy alcohol, we didn’t order any and stuck to good ol’ water and soda.

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La Tasca, London

For our last lunch in London, we ate at a Spanish restaurant. Weird, I know, I mean, shouldn’t we be binging on fish and chips and other English delicacies? Well, not that we could help it – that’s what’s included in our itinerary. So, before heading off to Leavesden to visit the Warner Bros Studios (will write a post about this soon!), we stopped by La Tasca first.
La Tasca London 07
La Tasca’s a chain of restaurants in the UK that serves traditional Spanish tapas, paellas and desserts. I love the quirky and colourful walls.

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Madame Tussauds, London

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum that has a lot of other branches in other parts of the world, although, the only other Madame Tussauds I’ve ever been to was the one they have in Hong Kong – but that was ages ago and I could barely remember our visit to be honest. Anyway, Madame Tussauds was included in our itinerary and it’s one of the attractions in London that we visited before we headed off to the airport and back home.

Madame Tussauds London 00
Fashion Week at Madame Tussauds. There’s also a makeshift runway in this part of the museum where you can have your photos taken. Anyway, a not so good photo of the wax figure of Kendall Jenner. 😀

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The London Eye, United Kingdom

Aside from the Big Ben and the iconic red telephone booths, one of the most famous icons of London would be the London Eye.

The London Eye 00

The London Eye, or also known as the Millennium Wheel, is a giant Ferris wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames.  Back in 1999, it was considered to be the world’s tallest Ferris wheel as it is 443 feet tall and the wheel has a diameter of 394 feet. Though these days it does not hold that title any longer, it still is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, and according to its operators the Eye is still ‘the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel’, as unlike the taller wheels built in Singapore and Nanchang, it is supported by an A-frame on one side only.

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Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, London

Another food review post! This time of our dinner at Hard Rock Cafe our last night in London. 😀

Hard Rock Cafe London 01

Hard Rock Cafe’s located in a really pretty building. As we waited for our turn to be seated, I couldn’t help but notice the long lines – and the fact that the place was really full of locals too.

Hard Rock Cafe London 00

Saw this quirky sign and couldn’t help but snap a photo of it. 😀 Anyway, we didn’t go in the front entrance – there didn’t seem to be any seats left there, but we went inside the side entrance that had a set of stairs leading down to the basement level – which was pretty cool. Although, even there, the place was jam packed! Seeing so many people there, I can’t help but look forward to our dinner. 🙂

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St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, London

St Paul's Cathedral 02

There were various places that we visited during our trip to London, and for this post, I’m going to write about our trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. As photography is not allowed inside both of these churches, I only took exterior shots of the place. Nevertheless, I think I managed to get some pretty nice and decent ones. 😀

Hidden amongst the leaves you can spot the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral 03

Some parts seem to be under renovation. Still, I can’t help but admire the beautiful architecture of the place! The Cathedral is the great work of Sir Christopher Wren as he was hired to rebuild the place after the Great Fire. He is actually buried inside the Cathedral and the epitaph on his tomb reads:
“Si monumentum requiris circumspice

(If you seek his monument, look around.)

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