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Scape Skydeck, Cebu

It was Mother’s Day, and we didn’t really have any dinner reservations or things like that. In fact, we were just aimlessly driving around the city when we decided to go to Scape Skydeck. Having seen rave reviews about it on various social media sites, it has been one of the restaurants in Cebu that I’ve been really wanting to try out. As it was a holiday, I thought that we wouldn’t be able to nab a table (for 5!) here, but fortunately, we were able to do so!

Scape Skydeck 07

Their signage.

Scape Skydeck 08

Scape Skydeck is located on top of this building – which is a residential building, though not sure if it functions as a hotel too or what.

Scape Skydeck Pool

As we were 30 minutes early, the guard said that we could wait here by their pool area. The pool area is small, but strange enough, it wasn’t hot here. There was a constant breeze even though the area is closed off. Also, from behind the foliage, you can hear children playing and other street noises.

Scape Skydeck 05

The pretty view! Pretty much the reason that we came here was for this, haha. Scape is located at the Mactan side of the city, so the view is different from, say, if you’re at Tops or at the Marco Polo area. I think that the view here is refreshing as you get to see the new bridge, and old bridge too!

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Dinner at Lantaw Native Restaurant, Cebu

After going to Temple of Leah, we were famished and so we headed to Lantaw Native Restaurant to have our dinner.

Lantaw Cebu 00

Since it was still quite early, we were able to catch this beautiful view of the city. This is probably my most favourite time of day since I love the pinkish hues of the sky before dusk.

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Night out at Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado’s one of the few food night market in Cebu that operates from Thursdays to Saturdays from 5PM to 1AM. I’ve only been able to pass it by time and time again during my trips to Cebu, but finally, during my last visit I was able to go!

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 00

We didn’t actually plan on going to Sugbo Mercado – in fact, we had just come from dinner and were just driving aimlessly when we ended up in IT Park and saw Sugbo Mercado. As we saw a parking space, we decided to get down and see what it’s all about! 😀

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Lunch at Casa Verde, Ayala Cebu

Though they do have several branches now in Manila, I still think that a visit to Cebu isn’t complete without a visit to one of the branches of Casa Verde (During my last trip there before this one, I went to their newest branch at SM Seaside which you can read about here.). Casa Verde is one of the most bang for your buck restaurants in Cebu. Huge yet yummy servings of food offered at an affordable price? Well, you can count me in!

Casa Verde Quesadilla 00

For our appetiser, we had their chicken quesadilla which is one of their best-sellers. Is it good? You bet it is! The quesadilla is stuffed with spicy fajita chicken (if you don’t like spicy food, you need not worry about the spicy level of this dish as it’s not spicy at all), onions, tomatoes, and of course, cheese! Their homemade salsa and sour cream’s really good too.

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10,000 Roses Cafe, Cordova, Cebu

One of the most trending spot in Cebu for the past few months would be the 10000 Roses Cafe located in Cordova. As soon as it opened last February, I think almost in tandem with the Sinulog festival, it has been swarmed by people. With a lot of posts about it on various social media such as Instagram and Facebook, its popularity just kept on rising. Though its located quite far away from the city centre, people still make a point of visiting it.

There’s no entrance fee per say to get in the cafe, at least not one that the owner of the cafe put up – the Korean owner, Mr. Miguel Cho had been asked if he planned to impose an entrance fee but he said he doesn’t have any plans to do so. However, due to rowdy tourists, the local government has decided to implement a 20 pesos fee to enter the place – supposedly because these tourists were harming the environment (e.g.: throwing trash wherever).

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 00

Last week, my family went to Cebu for a short vacation, and because we were already there, we headed to 10,000 Roses Cafe! We got there at around 5 PM, which is, I think, the perfect time to head on there as it isn’t too hot and you’ll also be able to catch two views of the place: One with sunlight and one without. 😀

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Trattoria da Gianni, Cebu

It’s like every time I go through my external HD, I always end up stumbling on stuff that I have yet to post yet. Such is the case when I saw photos of when we went to Trattoria da Gianni.

Trattoria da Gianni 00

Trattoria da Gianni 01

Some photos of the interior. The design is quite simple, although the seats seemed to be too near each other.

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Pueblo Mexicano, Cebu

I love the fact that every time I go to Cebu, more and more foodie destinations are popping around the metro. One of the cuisines that I think is sorely lacking in Cebu, I think, would be Mexican food, so you can just imagine how happy I was when I stumbled upon Pueblo Mexicano.

Pueblo Mexicano Cebu 01

When we went, it was a rainy weekday night, and thus, there wasn’t really much of a crowd.


Pueblo Mexicano Cebu 02

I love how colourful the place is! I especially love this section of the restaurant. The door there leads to their bathroom – and I also liked their bathroom, lol, it was very clean and nicely decorated too.

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The Chocolate Chamber, Cebu

This is a really short post – at least I think so. Haha, so while looking through my folders on my external HD, I found these photos I took when we went to the Chocolate Chamber. Seeing as I recall how much I looove their hot chocolate – I decided to go ahead and write a short review. Yaaas chocolate!! 🙂

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 01

There are several branches of the Chocolate Chamber in Cebu (I think there are two!), and the one we visited was their Robinson’s Galleria branch. Their store set-up was simple, but it had this classy feel to it. They had a shelf where they display some of their products like hot chocolate powder and other chocolate-y goodness.

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 00

Being a chocolate lover, I knew that I could not let the chance to visit the Chocolate Chamber pass me by! I recall that we went to the Chocolate Chamber like, a day before we flew back home to Manila lol.

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Dinner Buffet at UNO, Waterfront Cebu

Well, I think this is the last post I’m going to make regarding my trip to Cebu. That means it’s time to go back, haha! Anyway, this post will be about my dinner buffet experience in UNO Restaurant located at Waterfront Cebu. 🙂

UNO Waterfront Cebu 00

When it comes to buffets, the first station that I always find myself gravitating towards would have to be either the meat/steak or Italian station. So, when we went to UNO, that was the first station that I headed to. They only have limited pizza flavours to choose from, in fact, there are only two on display. Their pizza was just okay, there was really no wow factor to it.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 01

Of course, an Italian station would not be complete without pasta! They have various sauces to choose from, and this is actually the first time that I encountered a ‘lamb stracotto’ sauce. Don’t really know what that is, but the chef manning the station assured us that it was good, but I ended up with my ever trustworthy bolognese sauce anyway lol.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 02

!! So awesome! They have all sorts of pasta there, even ravioli.

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Dinner Buffet at Tides Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu

During our last visit to Cebu, we made a spontaneous trip to Shangri-la Mactan to have dinner there. This was months ago, and again, this is another late post, huhu. Anyway, as always, I still think it’s not too late to share our dining experience at Tides, Shangri-la Mactan! 🙂

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 07

To be honest, we weren’t actually planning on eating at Tides, as we wanted to try eating at Tea of Spring, Shangri-la Mactan’s Chinese restaurant. However, at the entrance of Tides, we saw a familiar face – Mike, one of the servers. He’s one of the people that, it seems, we always manage to encounter there! Anyway, it didn’t take much to convince us to have our dinner at Tides – after all, as we have gone here quite a number of times already, we know that we won’t be disappointed with the food!

During our visit, there was, I believe, an English theme going on, so there were fish & chips being served and other English dishes.

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