Dinner at Belgo, London

There are various Belgo branches around London but the one we went to was in Noord in Camden Town. This was the first restaurant we dined in upon arrival to London.

The interior of the place is quite nice, however to get to the dining area, we had to climb a short flight of stairs – which isn’t really that much trouble, although the way was a bit dim.

Belgo London 00

I especially love the well-lit (and colourful, haha) bar area. They have a lot of beers on the menu (around 70! They have tons of beers from draught pilsners to  white  and Trappist ales), but since none of us really fancy alcohol, we didn’t order any and stuck to good ol’ water and soda.

Belgo London Soup 01

Since we joined a tour, our meals were already set. We were served soup for our starter. As I wasn’t feeling very well at the time, I merely took a spoonful of this and that was that. I honestly don’t find the presentation or the colour of the soup to be appealing. ;;

Belgo London Cheese & Beer Croquettes 6.50

We were informed already that our main course was going to be served to us would be fish and chips and since I’m not fond of seafood, we made an additional order for an appetiser (I wasn’t really feeling up to eating anything more than an appetiser as my stomach was doing a mutiny during that time LOL).  I ordered their cheese and beer croquettes which costs around 6.50 pounds.

Was it worth it? I guess so, but there wasn’t really anything special to it if you ask me. The beer batter was noticeable, though couldn’t really tell that there was cheese in it lol.


Belgo London Fish & Chips

Typical fish and chips. Didn’t touch the fish part at all but I did nibble on some of the chips on my plate!

Belgo London ice cream dessert

To end our meal, we had their ice cream – two flavours, chocolate and vanilla. It was alright, tastes just like any other ice cream out there, haha!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been able to get up new posts for a couple of days now – been quite busy with real life stuff. I do have a couple of posts lined up and hopefully I’ll also find the time to write here soon as I have a lot of material lined up to work with! 😀

Belgo Noord is located at 72 Chalk Farm Road Camden Town London NW1 8AN 020 7267 0718


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