My Birthday Celebration at Hospicio de san Jose, Manila

I usually don’t do much on my birthday as I don’t really hold a celebration or anything like that. However, this year I wanted to celebrate it, and for a few months I have been looking as to how I can do it in a way that I can help and maybe, bring joy to other people’s lives.

Stumbling upon U!Happy Events’ website, I looked through their previous events and programs and seeing how well-organised they were, I decided to create my own event for my birthday with their organisation.

Hospicio de San Jose 07

I chose to hold my early birthday celebration at Hospicio de San Jose. You might be asking why Hospicio? For starters, this is the orphanage that we, though not really that frequently, donate old clothes and toys and other such items throughout the years.

Hospicio de San Jose 06

For starters, we were made to introduce ourselves and then asked to choose our kid. After that, the fun and games started!

There were three games that was supposed to be played that day but because the kids were very enthusiastic and bibo, we ended up playing just one which was the “Pass the Ball” game.

After that, I had chosen two ~performances~ for the kids to enjoy.

Hospicio de San Jose 04

First there was the magic event which the children really liked! The magician had floating tables, funny skits, and even produced real live birds in some of them.

Hospicio de San Jose 05

Happy faces. πŸ˜€

Hospicio de San Jose 02

Next was the bubble show which was a hasty addition. Haha, at first I only opted for the magic show, but later on decided that I wanted to see the huge bubbles myself – turns out this was the right decision. It was so cool! The kids weren’t the only one fascinated by the bubbles – adults were too. ❀

Hospicio de San Jose 14

Various volunteers were called to be ~trapped~ inside a bubble.

Hospicio de San Jose 08

The kids were way more into the bubble show than the magic one – they were all giddy when a huge bubble was formed – almost all of them wanted to pop the bubbles, just like this kid right here! πŸ˜€

Hospicio de San Jose 09

My own ‘core’ team. Haha, I was unfortunately unable to invite other friends – maybe next year. c:

Hospicio de San Jose 10

As an introvert, to be honest hours before the event itself I was nervous. Like, REALLY nervous. I’m not horrible with kids so to speak, but I can be really shy. So when we arrived and were standing outside the venue, I was honestly really apprehensive and couldn’t help but worry about whether or not I can go through with the event or not.

However, it seemed as though I was fretting over nothing. As soon as the event started, the kids were quick to warm up to us. ❀

Hospicio de San Jose 15

It was a bit embarrassing but I ended up blowing the candle 3 times. Yep, you’ve read that right. Haha, since I’m not used to really celebrating my birthday, I’m not aware of certain birthday ~etiquettes~ like you should wait for the ‘Happy Birthday to you’ song to end before blowing out the candles. D’oh.

Since we didn’t have cake, the members of U! Happy Event was nice enough to make a makeshift one.

Hospicio de San Jose 00

Wrapping up the event, we had several group photos – haha, in this one I have my eyes closed. Fail! Anyway, though they were very kulit, we did have a lot of fun spending the morning with these children.

I think that this is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate one’s birthday, and it will give you a different perspective and a more positive outlook in life. Anyway, if you want to celebrate your birthday (or any other occasion really!) in the same way, then you should definitely contact U!Happy Events for a seamless and fun event. ❀

*Disclaimer: All photos were grabbed from U!Happy Events’ website, you can view more here.Haha, didn’t really get to take that much photos myself.


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