Pizza Express, Tung Chung Hong Kong

Pizza Express is one of the restaurants that I’ve often seen around the UK during our trip there. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also one of the well-known chains hailing from the UK. It was founded by Peter Boizot in 1965 with around 400 restaurants open alone in the UK and 40 overseas in Europe, Hong Kong, India, the Middle East, and soon in Manila, Philippines!

Pizza Express

Having read the news that they were going to open in Manila, and being a pizza fanatic myself, I knew then that I just had to try it out! Though I wasn’t able to try Pizza Express at their home court in the UK, I was lucky that there’s one close by in the hotel that we were staying at during our trip to Hong Kong. I was able to try some of their dishes and honestly, from what I’ve been able to try, I can’t wait for Pizza Express to open up here in the country! ❤

Pizza Express Meat Ball & Bolognese

For starters, we ordered their meatballs and bolognese, which is “Beef meatballs baked in a spiced tomato Bolognese sauce, finished with parsley, served with our famous dough balls”.There’s various items that’s part of their appetisers that includes their dough balls, however, because at the time I thought they were too ~plain~, I opted that we have their meatballs and bolognese instead. Which I feel was the right choice, actually because we really enjoyed the dish! Their dough balls were really good, almost addicting! They were so soft and fluffy. <3As for their meatballs, it was really good too. The bolognese sauce was not that salty as in some other establishments, and I find that I also liked it. 😀

Pizza Express Vongole

Since we already got to try their bolognese sauce (because I’m just going on with the assumption that their bolognese pasta uses the same or something similar to the sauce base of their meatballs & bolognese), we opted to get their Spaghetti alla vongole, which is an oil-based pasta dish that has “Clams in shell, cherry tomatoes, red onions, garlic oil, white wine, lemon oil, parsley.”

My mom and I both love vongole so it’s no surprise that we both liked the dish. It was good, only comment she had was the clams in Manila seemed to be fresher compared to the ones they used. I for one can’t really tell the difference, haha. 😀

Pizza Express Le Rose 1

Finally, the star of the show: Pizza! I had to look through the pizza list for a couple of minutes and I had a hard time deciding as to what to get – there were tons of choices. However, I chose what seemed to be the ~all meat~ option from them all. So I opted that we have their Le Rose which has, “Pancetta, chicken and salami Napoli, finished with Parma ham and basil.”

Pizza Express Le Rose

The pizza was also good! Although it may be a bit salty due to the pancetta. The pizza dough was really chewy (in a good way lol), although I think it’d be even better if they slathered in more tomato sauce though. Anyway, though it was good, it wasn’t really a to-order again for me – definitely will try another pizza variant when Pizza Express opens in Manila!

Service is okay, there wasn’t that much of a waiting time. The place was dim though and projects a sort of fancy, yet at the same time, casual feel to it. ❤

Pizza Express Tung Chung is located at Unit G21, G/F, Citygate, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


One thought on “Pizza Express, Tung Chung Hong Kong

  1. Pizza is my favorite fast food but I’ve never tried Pizza express before, it doesn’t exist here in my country 🙂 but I enjoy reading your article!
    Anyway, I’ve recently published about too 3 Korean food which I recommended and would appreciate it if you check it out! 🙂 thx


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