Month-date: May 2017, Cebu

Haha, anyway, I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now but it’s only now that I’ve finally found the time to do so. Very late month-date but better late than never! This month-date post will be about my trip to Cebu last May 2017. 😀

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan

For two nights, my family got to spend it at Shangri-la Mactan. If you ask me, this hotel has one of the best beaches in the Mactan area. Also, I love how you can connect just about anywhere in the property – even at the beach, the wi-fi connection’s really strong, not to mention fast. 😀

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan beach 5

There are certain days wherein you can participate in fish feeding. At the place where you sign up and get your beach towels, you can ask the person there for fish feed. You can do fish feeding alone or in a group but whichever way you do it, it’s bound to be lots of fun!

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan beach 2

We were lucky to get a pair of lounge chairs (with umbrella, haha) that faced the beach. Also, look at that cute flag! I think that its purpose is that you’d wave it around or something to get the attention of a staff if you want to order some snacks or something like that.

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan beach 1

Our view! Aaah, the weather was really gloomy but luckily we were also able to swim the day before when the weather was much sunnier.

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan beach 3

That’s me! 😀 I think we were able to at least swim for an hour or so before it rained.

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan fireworks 1

On our last night, there was an event by the beach and we were able to see it in our hotel room.

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan fireworks 2

So pretty! *u*

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan Lobby Lounge Carbonara

We also hung out at their Lobby Lounge and ended up ordering some snacks. I got their carbonara and it was so creamy and cheesy! Definitely liked it. ❤

Cebu Shangri-la Mactan lobby lounge

We also ordered some Filipino snacks as well.

Anyway, you can read more about Shangri-la Mactan here. 😀

Cebu 1

Cute cat!

Cebu Temple of Leah 3

It has already been quite some time since we last went to Temple of Leah, and since we were curious if there were any changes since the last time we went, we ended up going there again on our recent trip to Cebu. Entrance fee is 50 pesos per person, though there’s a discount for senior citizens.

Cebu Temple of Leah 2

Pretty view! There were some people here who brought their drones and were flying them around. 😀

Cebu Temple of Leah 1

Compared to our last visit, there’s way more people now than before. Also, they put guard railings near the lion statues – which wasn’t there before. I think that the best time to visit here is at around 4PM and so on because then it wouldn’t be too hot and you can stay longer. But I guess if you want more privacy and want the place to yourself, I assume that there’d be less people if you went earlier because then it’d be scorching hot!

You can read more about Temple of Leah on my post about it here. ❤

Cebu SM Seaside 2

We also went to SM Seaside! I love the playground that’s located at their SkyPark it just looks so futuristic.

Cebu SM Seaside 1

They also have this mini ~waterpark~ place where kids can play around – it’s free of charge too, as far as I know. It actually puzzled me at first to see some children walking around soaking wet but then when we passed by this place it all made sense lol. 🙂

Cebu abaca chocolate milkshake

One of my fave cafés in Cebu would have to be Abaca. So I was ecstatic when I saw that they now have a branch in Ayala Center Cebu – the mall that I frequently go to when I’m there hehe. I got to try their chocolate milkshake which was quite good. ❤

Cebu abaca winner winner chicken waffle

However, what really stood out to me during my visit would be their chicken & waffle! It’s soooo good! The best chicken and waffle I’ve had so far. ❤ ❤

Cebu hamster

Ending this post with a photo of some of my cousins’ hamsters. They have a lot but these two really stood out to me. c:

Anyway, for now, that’s the end of my Cebu posts! Hopefully I can come back in a month or two. ❤


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