Snapshot: Chester, England

One of the places we’ve visited during our trip to England was the city of Chester, located in Cheshire, England and its located quite close to the border with Wales.

Chester UK 01

During our short visit to Chester, the weather was a tad bit gloomy and it was a bit rainy too. On our way to explore the city, we passed by this gate. There used to be a real gatekeeper long ago and he lived up in the gate, along with his family (As far as I recall! Anyway, the gatekeeper lived there as he was the one who has to look out and open/close the gate when morning/night comes).

Chester UK 02

This is the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist Chester.

Chester UK 03

Chester was founded as a Roman fort back in 79 AD during the reign of the Emperor Vaspian. According to our local guide, this was the city’s makeshift Colosseum though not much of it remains. Fun fact: Chester was actually one of the last cities in England that fell to the Normans.

Chester UK 05

Ye Olde Kings Head – a pub and hotel in Chester. It’s a Tudor-style pub and rooms here allegedly features timber that was recovered from one of the sunken ships of Lord Nelson. Despite the fact that it’s Tudor-inspired (and that many of the buildings here are Tudor-style buildings), the Tudor king himself, Henry the VIII, did not visit Chester during his lifetime (at least that’s what our guide told me when I asked him this, haha!).

Chester UK 06

More of the same – another Tudor-style building.

Chester UK 07

If I’m not mistaken, I think that this is the River Dee. We were told that during spring, one can see salmon here going upstream.

Chester UK 08

Saw these pretty pink flowers in bloom! Haha, they almost remind me of cherry blossoms. ❤

Chester UK 09

The ever so famous Cheshire Cat from Alice in the Wonderland.

Chester UK 10

There’s also a place here called the Wishing Steps. I think you have to run up and down the steps a bunch of times (forgot how many!) with a wish in mind and it’ll come true! There’s a small catch however: While running up the n amount of times up and down the steps, you’re not allowed to breath – so you have to hold your breath while doing this hehe. Which is quite a feat, mind you, as the steps (forgot to take photos of it!) are steep and it can get quite tiring running up and down them.

Chester UK 11

Some more relics from the past left from when Chester was still under Roman rule.

Chester UK 12

Spotted this quote on one of the buildings.

Chester UK 13

Somehow, this reminds me of the ~factory~ buildings during the Industrialisation period in the UK.

Chester UK 14

The Eastgate and the quite famous Eastgate Clock which stands on the site of the original entrance to the Roman fortress of Deva Victrix. This is a very prominent landmark in Chester and it’s said that this is the most photographed clock in England after Big Ben.

The Eastgate Clock was added in 1899 to commemorate and celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria two years earlier.

Chester UK 15

When I saw this view from the bridge, I couldn’t help but hum the song ‘Little Town’ that Belle sang during the opening of the movie Beauty and the Beast. ‘Little town full of little people..’ and it goes on haha. But seriously, I love the quaint feel of Chester! Definitely a place worth exploring.

Chester UK 16

Photo of Eastgate and Eastgate Clock from down below.

Chester UK 17

Rococo Chocolates! Bought some chocolates here as souvenirs and it was worth it!!

Chester UK 18

Coolness. I think this is sand? So sand art, haha!

Chester UK 19

I love the buildings and the overall aesthetic of the architecture of Chester! It gives off an old-world feel – just walking through the streets made me feel as though I was transported into the past.

Chester UK 20

Chester Cathedral. It’s such an imposing structure and really pretty! ❤

Chester UK 21

The Cheshire Regiment Memorial Garden. The flowers here are formed to look like a medal.

Chester UK 24

Before heading back to the coach, we first had lunch! I thought we were going to have lunch on a moving boat thing, but we sadly didn’t. Instead, we had lunch in a restaurant that sort of resembled a boat like the one pictured above.

Chester UK 23

Appetiser! I think this was fish, but I’m not sure as I didn’t eat this haha.

Chester UK 25

Creamy chicken. The chicken itself was bland but I love the sauce that the chicken is absolutely bathing in haha.

Chester UK 27

Fruits to end our meal!


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