Exploring Windsor, UK

After our sightseeing in Bath (which I will write a post about soon!), we headed on to Windsor to go to the famous Windsor Castle. As we were running a bit late (like, really late), we almost didn’t make it. When we saw how long the line was to enter, we were already disheartened as even if you were in line and already purchased a ticket, if you don’t reach the cutoff time to enter, you won’t be allowed to do so. I guess then that this is one of the perks of travelling with a tour group – as a tour group, the person manning the entrance told us that we didn’t need to queue at the end of the snaking line at all – tour groups had their own entrance and queue.

Windsor 01

On the way to Windsor Castle from the coach parking lot.

Windsor 03

Our first view of Windsor Castle!

Windsor 02

The tube that brings you to and from Windsor. There were so many people going to and from Windsor.

Windsor 04

A replica of an old train.

Windsor 05

Front view.

Windsor 00

You can only imagine how briskly our group was walking to get to the entrance of Windsor Castle. It was almost time for them to close their doors to visitors – that is, it was the last call already for people who want to get in.

I think this is a statue of Queen Victoria.

Windsor 06

Just outside of Windsor Castle there are a lot of people, tourists and I guess locals alike, just milling about chilling and sitting on the grass.

Windsor 07

Didn’t know it then but this is the exit of the castle.

Windsor 08

Random photo I took while we were waiting at the tour group entrance (separate entrance from the ~normal~ visitor’s entrance). The security here is much stricter than in other tourist attractions that we’ve went to. It was almost like entering the airport what with the x-ray-ing of stuff, removing of jacket and the like. Which makes a lot of sense because this is the residence of the British monarchy.

Windsor 09

We were running late so we really didn’t have that much time to explore Windsor – in fact, we were lucky enough to have been able to enter. Before going to the castle, we grabbed an audio guide – it’s available in English and a lot of other languages too.

Windsor 10

It was really peaceful and quiet going on. There are some attendants here and there to entertain any questions that you may have. 🙂

Windsor 11

Windsor is, I think, fairly close to the airport because when we were there, we spotted a lot of planes going by. Also, there were a lot of birds there as well.

Windsor 13

Feels like walking through a period drama set haha.

Windsor 14

The chapel inside! Although at the time, it was closed so we weren’t able to go inside.

Windsor 15

I think this is the facade of the Royal Stateroom? I’m not sure. We were able to go inside but photography wasn’t allowed. There’s also the Doll House attraction wherein you can see the dolls owned by the Queen when she was younger and the doll house that she owns. It’s really pretty! Too bad that photography isn’t allowed inside. Even if it was, the room was quite dimly lit so it would be hard to take decent shots inside even if it was allowed.

Windsor 16

Random courtyard. There was a barricade there so you can’t really walk inside.

Windsor 17

Since we didn’t have much time anymore, and since the place was already closing, off we go to the exit!

Windsor 18

Another photo of St. George’s chapel located in Windsor Castle.

Windsor 19

The iconic guard that’s mostly associated with the UK! We spotted one before going outside. 😀

Windsor 20

That’s it for my post! We didn’t really get to stay too long hence I don’t have that much photos, but still, it was a nice experience nonetheless. I wanted to explore and look around the small shops nearby but as I wasn’t feeling well at the time, I settled for just sitting at one of the benches and people watch, haha. ;;

I’m almost done with my UK posts, so yay me!! 😀


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