Scape Skydeck, Cebu

It was Mother’s Day, and we didn’t really have any dinner reservations or things like that. In fact, we were just aimlessly driving around the city when we decided to go to Scape Skydeck. Having seen rave reviews about it on various social media sites, it has been one of the restaurants in Cebu that I’ve been really wanting to try out. As it was a holiday, I thought that we wouldn’t be able to nab a table (for 5!) here, but fortunately, we were able to do so!

Scape Skydeck 07

Their signage.

Scape Skydeck 08

Scape Skydeck is located on top of this building – which is a residential building, though not sure if it functions as a hotel too or what.

Scape Skydeck Pool

As we were 30 minutes early, the guard said that we could wait here by their pool area. The pool area is small, but strange enough, it wasn’t hot here. There was a constant breeze even though the area is closed off. Also, from behind the foliage, you can hear children playing and other street noises.

Scape Skydeck 05

The pretty view! Pretty much the reason that we came here was for this, haha. Scape is located at the Mactan side of the city, so the view is different from, say, if you’re at Tops or at the Marco Polo area. I think that the view here is refreshing as you get to see the new bridge, and old bridge too!

Scape Skydeck 00

View on the other side – I suggest that you sit on the side facing the bridge if there are tables unoccupied on that side. I don’t know, maybe I’m bias, but I very much prefer that side hehe.

Scape Skydeck 06

What I also like about Scape Skydeck is that their kitchen is open – you can see what’s happening inside and how they prepare your food!

Scape Skydeck 04

Their thin-crust pizza was really good! There were ample toppings too. Forgot what flavour we ordered, but nevertheless, I really liked their pizza. ❤

Also. Attempt at a ~creative~ flatlay 1.0. Everyone was eager to take a slice so I had to be quick with taking photos! 😀

Scape Skydeck 03

My attempt at doing a flatlay 2.0. We also got their bolognese which was yummy too! It wasn’t too sweet nor was it sour – it was just right.

Lol we didn’t order too much as we planned on having our dinner elsewhere.

The presentation of their food’s really good – so is the taste. I’ve read somewhere that the head chef of Scape used to work for Shangri-la Mactan or something, so no wonder why their food’s really good! Prices are a bit on the high side, but with the good view of the city, as well as great food, I think you’re really going to get what you paid for. ❤

10 Dove Street 00

Before we went to Scape, we also made a brief stop at 10 Dove Street – this place has been in my must-try list for some time now but it was only during my last trip to Cebu that I got to go. Too bad that the seats inside were full though – the only ones left were the ones outside and as we didn’t fancy sitting outside where it was scorching hot, we decided to just have some of their pastries for takeaway.

10 Dove Street 01

What we got! I had, if memory serves me right I had their oreo cheesecake brownie and my brother had their blueberry tart. Their oreo cheesecake brownie was alright, although to be honest, I didn’t really perceived the oreo part of the brownie. ;;

Anyway, that’s all for now! I am looking forward to trying out other items on Scape’s menu – as well as go back to 10 Dove Street so I can sample more of their items too! c:

Scape Skydeck is located at Roof Deck, Azon Residences, M.L. Quezon National Highway, Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015.

10 Dove Street is located at Oakridge Business Park, 880, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, 6014.


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