Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

One of the places I’ve really taken a shine to when we went on our UK trip was Glasgow, particularly the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Before our trip commenced, I already looked at all the sights and places that we were going to and even before seeing it in the flesh, I already knew that Kelvingrove was going to be a favourite of mine, and I was right!

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 00

My first glimpse of Kelvingrove.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 01

From Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, we caught a glimpse of the University of Glasgow.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 23

You may think that this is the front, but this is actually the back of the museum! A popular myth about Kelvingrove is that the building was built the wrong way, while another myth is that the architect committed suicide here by leaping from one of the towers. As most myths usually are, neither of the two is true. Way back in 1901, when Kelvingrove first opened its doors to the public, the main entrance was at the back as visitors came from Kelvingrove part, but fast forward to today, most visitors now enter from the main road located at Argyle Street.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 24

Close-up. The building was reopened in 2006, after undergoing a three-year refurbishment, and ever since, it has become one of Scotland’s most popular (not to mention free!) visitor attractions.

Kelvingrove Museum has over 8000 objects on display, and sad to say that since we only had limited time, we didn’t get to see all of them, but, nevertheless,  we were very impressed with all that we saw!

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 02

The interiors of the place = so pretty! *u*

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 03

The so-called Kelvingrove organ, which was built by Lewis & Co Ltd of Brixton, London at the turn of the 19th century. The company no longer exists today, and it flourished during 1860-1919, but then it was merged with Messrs Henry Willis & Sons Ltd.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 04

A closer view of the organ. It was originally hired from the Lewis firm and installed in the 1901 International Exhibition Concert Hall. When the exhibition ended, the organ was bought and it was then moved on 1902 to the new Art Gallery and Museum.

There are daily organ recitals. These are free performances and they take place at 1pm Monday – Saturday and on Sundays at 3pm.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 05

The most prominent art display that I’ve seen of Kelvingrove in social media sites (especially on Instagram!) would be the Floating Heads installation by Sophie Cave. She created over 50 of them, and these heads are completely white and they hang from the ceiling. No bodies, just heads. Though all white, a light does shine on them, and when it does, it highlights the different expressions and emotions on the heads – they display various  emotions ranging from laughter to despair. They are sort of creepy-looking, I agree, but if you’re like me, you might feel a weird draw to them! 😀

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 06

Admiring the installation. So pretty! I could stare at them all day. I was a bit surprised that there weren’t that much people in this part of the museum but I did notice that even in other parts, it’s actually really rare to spot a group of people more than five here. Though that may be because the place is huge!

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 07

One of the paintings in Kelvingrove. There are a lot of Scottish art here – the main draw to the museum would be Dali’s ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross’. I do have a photo of it but it’s not really that good. Scratch that, my photo of the painting was really bad so you’re better off looking at it elsewhere! Or on Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum’s official website.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 08

Pretty figurine. I’ve always admired old time-y dresses!

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 09

One of the paintings that stood out to me.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 10

This painting’s probably my favourite. It made me chuckle, that it did, when I first saw it. Too bad I didn’t catch the title (or the painter!) of this piece. ;;

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 11

There are also some paintings done by Monet located here in Kelvingrove.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 12

That’s me trying to get a decent shot. Sort of failed in that aspect though since my photos are all crooked! 😀

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 13

More paintings.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 14

Another photo of the Floating Heads installation.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 15

While I was strolling through one of the corridors, spotted this painting and took a snap of it!

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 16

Pretty glass.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 17

The rest of the museum may be empty, but it seems as though all the museum-goers, especially those with kids, were in this section! Hanging on the ceiling is an airplane that was used between 1947-1949, which used to fly with the 602 (City of Glasgow ) Squadron. It’s a Spitfire LA198 which was built in 1944. It used to be displayed originally in the Museum of Transport of Glasgow, but after the renovation done in Kelvingrove, it was relocated here.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 18

White tiger! There are a lot of interesting critters that you can see in this part of the museum – which is called the ‘Life’ part, I think.

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 19

The animals look so real! But they most probably are – I think they’re stuffed animals?

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 20

Meow! This cat’s eyes look so alive *u*

Kelvingrove Art Glasgow 21

I’ve seen a lot of photos and videos of seals on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook recently, and I’ve been thinking of how cute they look, these sea puppies, and then this.. Aaah, seals have sharp teeth! ;;

It’s such a shame that we weren’t able to see everything that Kelvingrove has to offer, but again, from what we saw, we were indeed very impressed with the museum! In fact, I fully understand why it’s one of the most popular attractions in Glasgow. Not only is it free, but at the same time a trip to Kelvingrove is educational, fun, and there are even a lot of IG-worthy spots in the museum too! If you are planning on a trip to Glasgow and you’re a person who appreciates art, this is definitely a must-see! ❤

Also!! Free wi-fi throughout the whole area! Now how cool is that? (I actually did a Facebook Live session while I was here LOL) ❤


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