Dinner Buffet at Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

A week or so ago, we went to Manila Hotel to belatedly celebrate my Aunt’s birthday. Anyway, we arrived there at around 7:30PM and the place was already quite packed. Since we had a reservation, we were able to be seated immediately.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 05

Some of the food they offer in the Japanese area of the buffet.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 04

They offer sushi and sashimi, and the salmon here’s really good!

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 06

Indian cuisine where they have a lot of kinds of curry on display.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 07

I really love these wraps! The only thing I’m sure of that’s inside would be chicken and cucumber haha. 😀

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 08

Their Roast U.S. Prime Ribs. It’s still a little bloody but you can ask the chef in the grilling station to grill it for you. This isn’t the only meat that they offer as they also have lamb, ribs, and another type of steak. Their gravy’s really good too!

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 09

You’ll find various types of dimsum in the Chinese food section of the buffet. They have pork and shrimp siomai and beef siomai. They also have various types of dumplings here. You can also request to make your own noodles here, although there’s also an area where you can ask for them to make your own laksa. Haven’t tried that though, but will do so next time we have dinner here. 🙂

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 10

I think these are some appetisers? Salad? I’m not sure because I didn’t really take anything from this section lol.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 11

Cake! I think my favourite part when it comes to buffets would have to be the dessert station, especially the one in Cafe Ilang-Ilang. ❤

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 12

Mini chocolate cakes.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 13

I think this is a strawberry cake.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 14

They also have Filipino desserts! I think they also offer puto bumbong too.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 15

So much sweets!

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 16

Forgot what these are called but I like the way they look lol.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 17

Assorted tarts!

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 18

More desserts served in glasses.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 03

My mom’s plate full of seafood – crabs and shrimp which you can request for the chefs to cook for you.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 00

STEAK. When it comes to taking pretty photos, there’s no question then that I’d wander off to take photos of cakes/pastries from the dessert station, but when it comes down to it, my ~real~ favourite part of Cafe Ilang-Ilang would have to be their steak! As I have mentioned, they offer quite a number of different types of steak like lamb, ribs, and Roast U.S Prime Ribs. I think that the choice of steak differs on different days, like whether it’s a weekend or weekday, but whichever the case, the steak here in Cafe Ilang-Ilang’s really delicious! ❤

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 01

I forgot to take a photo of the Italian section of the buffet – so that gives me another reason to come back to Manila Hotel lol. Still, I didn’t pass up on the chance to have pasta! I had their pasta bolognese, the sauce was a bit water-y but nevertheless it was still good.

Manila Hotel Dinner Buffet 02

I also had their carbonara, which is my fave. Out of all the buffets I’ve been to I think that Cafe Ilang-Ilang’s carbonara’s the best! It’s very creamy and so sinfully good. ❤ Lol I also like to combine their carbonara and bolognese – it really makes for an interesting and really yummy combination! 😀

I usually have pizza too, but this time ’round I was too full already to have it huhu. ;;

The place screams fancy, I think, and Cafe Ilang-Ilang gives off an unmistakably sophisticated feel. Service is great, although since there were a lot of customers at the time, it was understandable that they could be a bit slow at times.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next time we’d have dinner here again! Will most probably blog about it too (or include it on a month-date series maybe), as I’ve missed a few other things during my last visit hehe.

Cafe Ilang-Ilang by Manila Hotel is located at 1 Katigbak Drive, Manila, Philippines.


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