Night out at Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado’s one of the few food night market in Cebu that operates from Thursdays to Saturdays from 5PM to 1AM. I’ve only been able to pass it by time and time again during my trips to Cebu, but finally, during my last visit I was able to go!

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 00

We didn’t actually plan on going to Sugbo Mercado – in fact, we had just come from dinner and were just driving aimlessly when we ended up in IT Park and saw Sugbo Mercado. As we saw a parking space, we decided to get down and see what it’s all about! 😀

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 01

As to be expected, there were a lot of people in Sugbo Mercado. There were a lot of stalls that sell all types of food from American to Japanese, from desserts to main dishes.
Sugbo Mercado Cebu 03

Japanese food. The food that stalls sell here are quite affordable, and if we were hungry, we’d probably buy one of everything from each stall, haha! Maybe next time. 🙂

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 04

Pork steak. They were really fragrant and aaah, they look so yummy!

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 05

Of course there will be lechon. After all, Cebu is known for having yummy lechon.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 06

It was early, around 8PM when we got there, and yet the place was already packed. If you plan on staying here, I suggest you go as early as 5PM to snag good seats. If not.. Well, I think you’re going to have a hard time finding seats.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 07

We had gelato from the Gelato project. The server manning the stall was nice enough to give us a free taste of the gelato so we can decide what to have. I was able to try their green tea and peanut butter flavoured gelato, and though both were good, I opted for the peanut butter flavoured one. I forgot to take a photo of it though. #Fail

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 08

There was a stall that sold churros too! Was so tempted to buy, but there was a line already and I didn’t want to wait lol. ;;

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 09

One of the most common food stalls you can spot at Sugbo Mercado would be the stalls that sells meat to grill/barbecue.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 10

Stall that sells silog meals, I think.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 11

Whole chickens.. skewered. Not really my cup of tea – especially since the heads of the chickens are still on! ;;

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 12

As for the barbecue.. Well, that I’m alright with, haha.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 13

More stuff to barbecue.

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 14

Aside from the gelato we got, I also tried a drink from Tipsy Pops. It’s infused with alcohol, but no to the point that you’d get drunk from drinking it. I forgot what the drink is called. ;;

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 15

Ribs from Lord of the Ribs!

Sugbo Mercado Cebu 16

Thinly sliced potato.. on a stick. Yep, I couldn’t resist lol.

For me, I think that Sugbo Mercado’s worth a visit. Not only because that there’s a lot of food choices, but also because the price range of the food here isn’t too high at all. In fact, most of the food here is affordable yet yummy and, of course, filling. Also, if you’re planning on trying out food from local (and I think popular?) establishments like Hala Paella!, Rock n Pizza, as well as Lord of the Ribs, you can also have them here as they also have stalls in Sugbo Mercado.

I wasn’t able to try much during my visit, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to come again soon – this time round, I’ll be sure to bring with me an empty stomach, haha. 😀


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