Yoree Korean Dining, Molito Alabang

As I don’t live near the South, it’s really rare for us to go to Alabang. Hence, when we were in the area, I was really overwhelmed with the food choices there. We ended up deciding on eating at Yoree Korean Dining.

Yoree Alabang 00

Some of the side dishes that they serve per person. You can ask for free refills too!

Yoree Alabang 004

I’ve read so much about wagyu beef cubes that when I saw that they had it, it was an immediate must-order for me.

Yoree Alabang 006

Munching on it though, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Might be I was just expecting too much but I think that their wagyu beef cubes were really bland.

Yoree Alabang 007

We didn’t order rice anymore, instead we ordered Jeonju Dolsot Bibimbab (398 pesos). This is Korea’s most popular version of Bibimbap, made with fourteen ingredients in a hot stone bowl, served with soybean soup and seven side dishes. The only ingredients that I can distinguish in the bowl would be: carrots, seaweed, mushroom, cucumber, and egg. 5 out of 14 lol. That, and rice of course! 🙂

Yoree Alabang 01

The bibimbap and our other order, Bulgogi Ramen (298 pesos). The ramen consists of Korean ramen mixed with marinated beef boiled in special Yoree bulgogi sauce garnished with fresh leeks. It was just okay, not really a dish with a wow factor lol.

Yoree Alabang 005

Random veggies that came with one of our order, forgot what it came with to be honest. ;;

Yoree Alabang 002

Since we couldn’t decide what to order, there were a lot of different types of meat, we ended up just getting the Modeum Gui Set (1,898 pesos). For four people, this was already a lot! The set consists of four of their best-selling bbq meat: Ribeye, Boneless Short Rib, Boneless Chicken thigh, and marinated short rib. Honestly, aside from the chicken I couldn’t really distinguish one from the other lol.

Yoree Alabang 003


Yoree Alabang 008

When we ate there, we had one of the servers cook for us – lol, I think you can actually opt to cook for yourself, but at the time we did not know that so.. \sorta fail!

Yoree Alabang 009

Their meat were all really tender and soft, but trouble is, they were kinda.. bland? That’s what I think anyway.

Service was really nice, they were all very attentive. Place was okay too, though we were seated in the area where the A/C was facing, so it was really cold lol. They have their own bathroom upstairs as well. I also love their menu – it’s digital. At first I thought that like in some other restos, you’d input the order on their menu tablet. Another super fail lol.

Yoree’s just okay, I don’t see myself coming back here in the future though as not frequenting the Alabang area, I’d rather try other restos than come back hehe.


Yoree Korean Dining is located at Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780 Metro Manila, Philippines.


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