La Tasca, London

For our last lunch in London, we ate at a Spanish restaurant. Weird, I know, I mean, shouldn’t we be binging on fish and chips and other English delicacies? Well, not that we could help it – that’s what’s included in our itinerary. So, before heading off to Leavesden to visit the Warner Bros Studios (will write a post about this soon!), we stopped by La Tasca first.
La Tasca London 07
La Tasca’s a chain of restaurants in the UK that serves traditional Spanish tapas, paellas and desserts. I love the quirky and colourful walls.

We were served a lot of Spanish tapas – or small dishes. In our group, each tapa was shared by more or less three people.
La Tasca London 00
First we were served a salad – which I did not try because I wasn’t really in the mood to eat salad at the time.
La Tasca London 01
Then came a fish dish – sort of looks like the fish that can be served with fish and chips, minus the chips.
La Tasca London 02
Potatoes! I sort of liked this one, but I found them to be a bit tough and already cold. I think I just had two cubes lol.
La Tasca London 03
Chorizo! These were sinfully oily (not to mention hella salty!), but I couldn’t help myself, this was the only viand that I really liked.
La Tasca London 04
!!! Paella! Being a huge paella fan, this was also the dish I like the most here in La Tasca. For me, it wasn’t really as good as the paella back home, but it’s hard to mess up making a paella so it was still yummy. ❤
La Tasca London 05
For dessert we had churros. Aaaah, I love their churros!! One of the best I’ve ever had to be honest. It wasn’t oily as most of the churros I’ve had back here in the Philippines, so that’s a plus! Also, I love their chocolate dip. *u*
La Tasca London 06
Their churros also came with strawberries and marshmallows. Y-U-M.
Service is fast, although since we were a huge group there was a bit of a problem with how many tapas were served but they were able to resolve that problem. They don’t have wi-fi here but you can connect to the wi-fi of nearby restaurants. They have their own bathroom, which, I think it’s located in the basement.
La Tasca is located at 30 – 34 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1ER, UK

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