10,000 Roses Cafe, Cordova, Cebu

One of the most trending spot in Cebu for the past few months would be the 10000 Roses Cafe located in Cordova. As soon as it opened last February, I think almost in tandem with the Sinulog festival, it has been swarmed by people. With a lot of posts about it on various social media such as Instagram and Facebook, its popularity just kept on rising. Though its located quite far away from the city centre, people still make a point of visiting it.

There’s no entrance fee per say to get in the cafe, at least not one that the owner of the cafe put up – the Korean owner, Mr. Miguel Cho had been asked if he planned to impose an entrance fee but he said he doesn’t have any plans to do so. However, due to rowdy tourists, the local government has decided to implement a 20 pesos fee to enter the place – supposedly because these tourists were harming the environment (e.g.: throwing trash wherever).

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 00

Last week, my family went to Cebu for a short vacation, and because we were already there, we headed to 10,000 Roses Cafe! We got there at around 5 PM, which is, I think, the perfect time to head on there as it isn’t too hot and you’ll also be able to catch two views of the place: One with sunlight and one without. 😀

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 01

Depending on the angle, you can really be fooled into thinking that this place is huge.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 03

If you’re wondering if these are real roses or not, let me answer your query: it isn’t. These 10,000 white roses are synthetic LED  roses, and they also light up at night. The cafe is also said to be patterned after a tourist attraction in Korea, although might be the one in Korea has real flowers, haha. Anyway, there’s a barricade in the form of a nylon string surrounding the roses as some of the tourists would go to the middle of the field of roses, stepping and destroying them in the process all to get that perfect photo. There have also been reports that some people would even pluck the roses and take them home as their souvenir. So not cool.

During our visit, there were two guards near the cafe entrance who watched the visitors of the place with a careful eye to ensure that no one would pluck – or destroy – the 10,000 roses.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 04

Taking photo of the roses. 😀

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 05

A rainbow! Actually, there’s two of them but the second one isn’t that visible.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 06

On the way to the cafe part of the place, as we still had some time to kill as we waited for the sun to set and the flowers to light up.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 07

The cafe still had limited items on the menu, although I think that even now, it is still on soft opening, and the fact that there’s just too many people going here – an estimated of 30,000 visitors a day, I think that’s quite understandable. So as the seating inside was full, we opted to stay outside. It wasn’t scorching hot, and with the wonderful view and calm breeze, we were content to stay outside.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 08

We ordered cold chocolate drinks. While waiting for our order, we were given this buzzer, which will light up and vibrate when your orders are ready. The chocolate drink we ordered were good, although the price of their drinks are almost, if not, on par with that of Starbucks and other big coffee establishments.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 09

A really pretty view of the city. You can actually see SM Seaside from here! It did start to drizzle a bit, so good thing we were seated in a covered area so we weren’t affected by it. 🙂

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 10

After it rained, the waters calmed, and it almost looked like a painting with the clouds and sky reflecting from the water. It’s a real pretty sight!

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 11

We stayed at the back part of the cafe for a bit longer, soaking in the view. When the roses lit up, we heard people clapping and people excitedly went to where the roses were as in a frantic frenzy (or what appeared to me as a frenzy lol), started taking photos like crazy. So, we were left with the beautiful view of the sea all to ourselves lol.

Also, even though it was around 6PM already, people still flocked to this place. Which is pretty crazy if you ask me!

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 12

The pretty roses.

10000 roses cafe cebu cordova 13

This place is definitely very photogenic – a perfect addition to anyone’s IG feed, haha. If you’re in Cebu, it’s really worth a visit! The cafe still lacks quite a number of things, but for the view alone, I think that you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, after your visit to 10,000 Roses Cafe, you can always just go to Lantaw Native Restaurant, which is, literally, just besides the cafe, to grab a bite. 🙂


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