The London Eye, United Kingdom

Aside from the Big Ben and the iconic red telephone booths, one of the most famous icons of London would be the London Eye.

The London Eye 00

The London Eye, or also known as the Millennium Wheel, is a giant Ferris wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames.  Back in 1999, it was considered to be the world’s tallest Ferris wheel as it is 443 feet tall and the wheel has a diameter of 394 feet. Though these days it does not hold that title any longer, it still is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, and according to its operators the Eye is still ‘the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel’, as unlike the taller wheels built in Singapore and Nanchang, it is supported by an A-frame on one side only.

The London Eye 01

Being the tourists that we were, of course the London Eye (well, riding it!) is part of our itinerary. This is a photo of the London Eye with Big Ben. 🙂

The London Eye 02

It was a bit cloudy when we were in London, but I was just glad that at least it wasn’t drizzling or anything like that.

The London Eye 03

Easter was fast approaching when we visited, hence the colourful display.

The London Eye 04

The queue to ride the Eye was quite long, but it was steadily moving so that’s a good thing.

The London Eye 05

A shot of the two most iconic landmarks of London – the Big Ben and the London Eye. The London Eye is actually the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK, as it receives over 3.75 million visitors annually. It has also been mentioned and made quite a number of appearances in popular culture as well.

The London Eye 06

Another photo of the Big Ben – which is the only building that I could confidently recognise throughout our ride. 😀

The London Eye 07

The view from the other side.

The London Eye 08

The ride lasted approximately around 25-30 minutes, though it felt shorter than that to be honest!

The London Eye 09

6:00 PM. I think that from this view you can also see a glimpse of Westminster Abbey too. 🙂

The London Eye 10

Yes, another photo of Big Ben.

The London Eye 11

Can’t get anymore tourist-y than this, haha!

The London Eye 12

Our ticket came with a 4D Experience thing, though I think that it’s nothing really special and you can just skip that if ever you go. But the ride itself is something that you do not want to miss! It may be really tourist-y, but I think the London Eye is a London attraction that you do not want to miss as it will give you a really great view of the city. 😀


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