A Visit to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

On our first day in the UK, we visited various places, one being the Palace of Holyroodhouse, or what is more commonly known as the Holyrood Palace. It’s the official residence of the monarch whenever she comes to Edinburgh, and it has been the home of royalty for over 500 years.

Holyrood Palace 00

The entrance to Holyrood Palace – we spotted Merida, haha!

Holyrood Palace 01

Unicorn! The national animal of Scotland. πŸ˜€

Holyrood Palace 02

Holyrood Palace – as you can see some parts of it was under renovation when we went.

Holyrood Palace 03

At the entrance of Holyrood. This is the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, which has been used by Kings of Scotland prior to 1603.

Holyrood Palace 04
Inside Holyrood. I think that this is the only place inside where you can take a photo of the place.

Holyrood Palace 05

… Yet I was able to take a photo when we went in – I wasn’t aware at the time that photography wasn’t allowed inside! ;w;

Holyrood Palace 06

I love the details of the ceiling. It’s too bad that photography isn’t allowed inside – there were a lot of cool things and paintings that can be found in Holyrood.

Holyrood Palace 07

As we finished our tour of the inside of Holyrood Palace, we went out back to where there was a large garden. If only we had more time to explore the place!

Holyrood Palace 08

I love how pretty this place is – especially this part of the Palace!

Holyrood Palace 09

I couldn’t resist lol πŸ˜€

Holyrood Palace 10

Such an imposing structure! Although, only the walls remained of what I think used to be the chapel part of the palace.

Holyrood Palace 11

The fountain in front of Holyrood Palace – even the fountains here have intricate designs!

Anyway, if you’re interested in Scottish history, Holyrood Palace is worth a visit. If you’re a fan of the TV show Reign, I think you’d also enjoy a visit of this place as Mary, Queen of Scots, spent most of her life here, and even married two of her husbands in Holyrood Palace (Spoiler alert: David Rizzio, her private secretary, was murdered by a group led by her husband Lord Darnley, in her private appartments as he was jealous of the influence that Rizzio had over Mary. You can actually visit her private apartments, though the stairs leading up to it is quite narrow! πŸ˜€ )


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