Snapshot: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Around less than an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, we arrived early in Glasgow. Our coach driver said we were lucky as according to him, there’s usually quite a traffic jam from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

Glasgow UK 000

We were off to a pretty early start, and we began our short walking tour at around 9 AM. The streets in Glasgow was almost deserted, save for a handful of people that crossed our path. I almost thought that this was the norm until we headed to George Square and there were tons of people everywhere.

Glasgow UK 001

I forgot what this building is called, but it is near Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow UK 002

The Glasgow Cathedral, which is also known as the High Kirk of Glasgow, St Kentigern’s, or St. Mungo’s Cathedral. Today, it serves as a gathering of the Church of Scotland in the area. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go inside.

Glasgow UK 004

After a brief explanation from our guide, we headed off to our next destination: the Glasgow Necropolis. I honestly don’t know why this was included in our itinerary as there are probably other notable places around the city, but okay. Anyway, this is the gate leading to the Glasgow Necropolis.

Glasgow UK 005

To go there, you will also have to cross a bridge.. As well as climb up, as the Glasgow Necropolis is located on a low yet very prominent hill.

Glasgow UK 007

Literally the ‘city of the dead’. There’s about fifty thousand individuals buried here and some of them are war heroes from World War I and World War II.

Glasgow UK 008

Some of the graves were well-kept but some of them seemed to have fallen into disarray. Anyway, from the Glasgow Necropolis you can see another angle of the Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow UK 009

The climb up is steep and there are a number (a handful, I guess?) of paths that can lead you up – some of them are made of earth and cakey mud so you better watch your step when going up or down.

Glasgow UK 010

Some of the graves here are really extravagant, though I wonder if these people actually have any living relatives left to take care of their graves. Anyway, see that monument of a man seated? That’s the monument of Charles Tennant, who was a Scottish chemist and industrialist. Apparently, he was the one who discovered bleaching powder and he also founded an industrial dynasty.

Glasgow UK 012
I also love these map thingies, they’re so tiny and intricate. There’s also one in York (posts about York, and Edinburgh, up on the blog soon!).
Glasgow UK 013
After our visit to the land of the dead, we drove back to the land of the living. I love how Glasgow has really vibrant and pretty wall murals! This is just one of the many that I managed to take a photo of.
Glasgow UK 014
And another one.
Glasgow UK 015
So I felt really awfully tourist-y with my cape on, so while we were in the city, I decided to remove it for a while, haha. Good thing that it was sunny and not too cold! 😀
Glasgow UK 016
Flowers in George Square where we had a short stop. George Square was named after King George III. It is surrounded by important buildings such as that of the Municipal Chambers, or what is also known as the City Chambers, where in 1883 its foundation stone was laid. Up until the present, this is still the headquarters of the Glasgow City Council. George Square also has quite a handful of important statues and monuments, such as that of James Watt, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Robert Peel, and Robert Burns.
Glasgow UK 017
In George Square you can also find the Cenotaph, which is the official memorial of Glasgow to its people that died in both  World Wars. The granite used in the building of the obelisk that was carved with a figure of St Mungo, a ‘great stone’ sarcophagus and the two recumbent lions were supplied by Scott and Rae, and it was carved by Ernest Gillick.



Glasgow UK 018

To end my ~snapshot~ post about Glasgow, I would like to share this photo. Anytime Fitness. Yep, I couldn’t resist taking a shot of it. With the recent rise of Anytime Fitness in the Philippines (they seem to be popping like mushrooms here), I couldn’t help but be amazed with how much this brand is expanding. Anyway, after our brief city tour of Glasgow we headed to Kelvingrove Art Museum – I’ll be posting our visit to this really pretty and wonderful museum soon so stay tune! 🙂



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