Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, London

Another food review post! This time of our dinner at Hard Rock Cafe our last night in London. 😀

Hard Rock Cafe London 01

Hard Rock Cafe’s located in a really pretty building. As we waited for our turn to be seated, I couldn’t help but notice the long lines – and the fact that the place was really full of locals too.

Hard Rock Cafe London 00

Saw this quirky sign and couldn’t help but snap a photo of it. 😀 Anyway, we didn’t go in the front entrance – there didn’t seem to be any seats left there, but we went inside the side entrance that had a set of stairs leading down to the basement level – which was pretty cool. Although, even there, the place was jam packed! Seeing so many people there, I can’t help but look forward to our dinner. 🙂

Hard Rock Cafe London 02

Stairs leading down their basement. The walls were peppered with random memorabilia. Can’t really relate to any of them though.

Hard Rock Cafe London 08

“This is not here”.  Then where are we exactly lol.

Hard Rock Cafe London 03 Lil Feta Salad

For our starters we were given two options: Lil feta, which is this feta salad, and Lil wings. Since there were three of us, we decided to get two wings and one salad.

Hard Rock Cafe London 04 Lil wings

Their Lil Wings appetiser – this was the one I went with as I’m not much of a salad person lol. It was quite spicy and tangy – but surprisingly I liked it! It goes really well with the dip on the side too as I think it balances the spiciness.

Hard Rock Cafe London 05 Legendary Burger

This was my order! Their Legendary Burger which is an 8oz burger topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, fried onion-ring, and they served seasoned fries on the side. It was really greasy, but that’s to be expected when it comes to burgers! Anyway, I enjoyed eating it and it reminds me of TGIF’s burgers.

Hard Rock Cafe London 06 Barbeque Chicken

Their Barbeque Chicken dish which is half chicken, basted with hickory barbecue sauce, served with seasoned fries on the side, cowboy beans and citrus coleslaw. This was my mom’s order and I didn’t get to try it but she said it was just okay.

My dad got their Barbeque combo which consists of pork bbq ribs and hickory smoked pulled pork, served with seasoned fries on the side, cowboy beans and citrus coleslaw. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it as his dish came out reaaally late (as the waitress forgot to take note of it). He said it was just okay too.

Hard Rock Cafe London 07 Lil Brownie

For dessert, we had their Lil Brownie. Its vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on a chocolate brownie, topped with fresh whipped cream. However, as you can see on the photo the ice cream isn’t even on top of the brownie – and see what’s missing? There’s no whipped cream. Still, this was pretty delicious and I don’t really have any complaints with it!

Service was just okay, but I think the mistakes the servers made were understandable as they were running around and were having a really busy night. Ambiance was nice too.

Hard Rock Cafe is located at 150 Old Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1QZ, UK.


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