Snapshot: Gretna Green, Scotland

If you love reading cheesy English period romance novels, then you’ve probably read of Gretna Green where heroines of these types of novels are often swept away by their suitors and would head off to Gretna Green – often this is done in haste, and in secret of course. Growing up, I’ve read a lot of these types of novels (Hello, Lisa Kleypas novels! I still vaguely remember a character called Daisy lol), and when I saw that Gretna Green was part of the places we were going to see during our trip to the UK, I have to admit that I was a tad bit excited to finally see the famous Gretna Green often mentioned in the really cheesy novels that I read years back!

Gretna Green 00

This is one of the sculptures that you can see when you arrive at Gretna Green. It’s a 13 foot sculpture of clasped hands and its called the ‘Big Dance’. This can be found in the sculpture garden of the World Famous Blacksmith Shop. The meaning of the sculpture is more or less open to interpretation, but with Gretna Green being known for marriages, I think that most people would interpret it as the coming together of a couple. Well, this is how I see it anyway.

Gretna Green 01

In the sculpture garden, there’s actually a lot of pretty flowers around. I especially love this one.

Gretna Green 03

Gretna Green. This place, particularly the World Famous Blacksmith Shop (which we unfortunately did not visit because we had limited time!), attracts more or less around 700,000 tourists from all over the world every year.

Gretna Green 04

Aside from the Blacksmith Shop and museum, there are also souvenir shops in the area, as well as a canteen of sorts.

Gretna Green 06

Going in by coach, I noticed this –  a courtship maze. Again, we weren’t able to explore it as, surprise, we had limited time! ;;

Gretna Green 07

We did see this by the courtship maze sign. I guess that it would be odd if there were no love locks to be found in such a ~romantic~ place! 🙂

Gretna Green 08

I honestly did not notice these types of souvenirs being sold at the shops, but even if I did, its not like I’d have any use of it, haha!

Gretna Green 10

With one last stroll along the shops, I spotted this really pretty dog! Aaaah, I think seeing this fellow was the highlight of my visit to Gretna Green, haha. So photogenic!

I hope that if ever we come back here, we’d be given more time to explore as I would really love to see the Blacksmith shop as well as explore the courtship maze. Anyway, not that I’m complaining as I did enjoy our time walking around Gretna Green. 🙂


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