Korean Food at Rockwell, Makati

Here comes another food review, so that means another break from my posts about my UK trip! Rockwell has always been a favourite haunt of my family and yet, we’ve only gotten to eat here recently. Twice, in fact. I guess that Kaya has always flown under our radar, and we always opt to eat at another restaurant. Still, out of curiosity, we finally decided to take the plunge and try it out. I’m happy to report that we were not disappointed! 😀


We ordered this during our first visit and I think it’s called Bude Chige (560 pesos), a Korean stew with sausages, spam, ham, kimchi, rice cakes, tofu, ramen, and assorted vegetables. Not exactly as affordable as their other dishes, but it was quite good! Although, I honestly think that the ramen they used was the instant kind. For the price of this dish, I think it’d be better if they used the non-instant one. Still, it’s good, though the noodles could be better.


Kimchi rice! Another order from our first visit. This was during the time some months ago that I’ve been binge watching Korean dramas (Jealousy Incarnate, Goblin, The Legend of the Blue Sea, you name it!), and during scenes in the K-dramas where the actors ate Korean food.. Let’s just say that I’ve ended up craving for Korean food too! I’ve been obsessively thinking about kimchi rice, and when I saw that they had it on their menu, it was an instant order for me! At 190 pesos + free soup, I think this is fairly priced. That, and depending on your ~hunger~ level, I think that this dish is good for sharing for 2 already.

Kaya Rockwell Basak Bulgogi

Bassak Bulgogi (300 pesos). Nothing special. A bit too oily for my taste to be honest. Not really something I’d order again.

Kaya Rockwell Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap

This is from our second visit some days ago. I think this is their regular bowl of bibimbap (260 pesos) and it already comes with free soup. They did not scrimp on the bulgogi which is nice, and there’s an ample helping of veggies on here too! I also like how runny the egg was. This one’s not good for sharing though – I think it’s just good for one person.

Kaya Rockwell Beef Ramyun

Beef Ramyun (190 pesos). This was my order from our second visit to Kaya. The much more affordable option compared to their Bude Chige but this dish is more straightforward as it only has beef and rice cake sans the other toppings that’s included in their Bude Chige. I think that for this dish they still use instant ramen, but for the price, I’m not complaining. For me there’s nothing really special about this dish.

Kaya Rockwell Samgyeupsal

This is their samkyupsal (230 pesos). This is the dish that I disliked the most as majority of their pork belly strips had small bones. Also, it was very oily too. Needless to say we didn’t order this during our second visit, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever order this again, haha. ;;


Pretty lights!

That’s the end of the post! If you want reasonably priced Korean food, or are craving for Korean food, you can head on to Kaya if you’re in the Rockwell area. Service here is fast and accommodating. Ambiance inside the restaurant is a bit outdated if you ask me. Price of the food is reasonable, it still depends on what you order. Though, I think that Kaya’s one of the most affordable options that you can find within the area.

Kaya is located at Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.

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