The Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 00

Straight from Edinburgh International Airport, we headed off to Rosslyn Chapel – one of the places that’s included in our itinerary. Rosslyn Chapel, a 15th century chapel which was formally called as the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew,  is located at the small village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland. It’s actually just a pretty short drive away from Edinburgh.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 01

It’s rise to fame is mainly due to the movie adaptation of the book, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Some parts of the movie was shot here in Rosslyn (particularly the basement), and Tom Hanks actually stayed in the village during the shooting of the movie.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 02

After a quick search on the internet, I think this is called the Rosslyn Chapel Shrine which you can find near the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 03

As in some of the places we went, photography is not allowed inside. Too bad since the inside is really pretty.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 05

A lot of people there were running around setting things up, and some of them were dress in old-fashioned garments so I suppose that there was going to be some sort of event. Too bad that we couldn’t stay long enough to partake in the event, haha.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 06

Rosslyn Chapel does have a certain allure to it. According to the book and movie adaptation of the Da Vinci Code, the Holy Grail can supposedly be found here. Not being a huge fan, and not having seen the movie or read the book, unfortunately, I can’t really relate to the enthusiasm that some people have.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 07

Still, it is a pretty place to visit. The best thing about our visit was when I saw William the Cat inside the chapel, snoozing on one of the pews. We do have some photos together, but they’re really blurry, haha! 🙂


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