Burgers and more at Chili’s, Alabang Town Center

Chili's ATC Alabang Town Centre

Another break from my UK posts! The other day we had to run some errands near the Alabang area. I was really psyched because we rarely go to Alabang and I was excited to try out restaurants in the area. However, as we went around ATC, we couldn’t handle the heat and ended up at Chili’s instead. No regrets though as I have been planning on eating at Chili’s for a while now, hehe. Anyway, I really like this branch of Chili’s – it’s very spacious compared to their Power Plant branch.

chili's chicken quesadilla

We ordered their chicken quesadilla – not the one on their regular menu but the one that’s part of their lunch deals. I really like how full their quesadillas are, and very cheesy to boot! I managed to eat 3 out of 4 quesadilla – again, no regrets! 😀 I also enjoyed the dip that came with it, but even without the dip, the quesadilla’s already good, although a bit dry.

Chili's Grilled pork chop

My brother ordered Grilled Pork Chop. Didn’t get to try this one but he did finish it so it must be good lol.

chili's southern smokehouse burger

I’ve been craving for burger and I ordered their southern smokehouse burger. This was also good but I found the patty to be a bit bland – nothing that their barbecue sauce on the side couldn’t fix though! Anyway, this isn’t really saying much, me finding the patty to be bland because these days that’s how I find most burger patties to be – yes, I’m in a love-hate relationship with burgers lol. 🙂

Chili's grilled chicken alfredo pasta

We also had their grilled chicken alfredo pasta. This dish is really creamy that it can be a bit heavy on the stomach – yet I love it! I think this is the dish that we don’t fail to re-order every time we dine at Chili’s. I also like the fact that they were pretty generous with the grilled chicken. 😀

Service was fast and efficient! Almost no waiting time for our food which is  nice.

Ambiance was really nice, and compared to outside, the temperature inside the restaurant was really cool – a welcome respite from the heat.

They have their own toilet which they keep nice and clean. They also have free wifi but didn’t try it out as we had our own pocket wifi at the time of our visit, hehe.

Chili’s is located at Ground Floor, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

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