Review: North Lakes Hotel & Spa, Penrith UK

North Lakes Hotel & Spa 00

We spent one night at North Lakes Hotel & Spa when we were en-route to Windermere and then York. The place is cosy and I really like the facilities – at least what I glimpsed of it anyway. They have an indoor pool and I think it would be real nice to take a dip.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa 01

The place is vast and there are a number of rooms in the property. They had a lift but when we stayed there, it was unavailable. Which was not a good thing. At all. We stayed at the 3rd floor so you can just imagine the effort it took to lug our heavy suitcases all the way up! Not like we had to carry our bags personally, though we did have to bring our carry-on luggages with us. Still. I think that they should have not just one lift but two – so that they’d have a back-up lift in case one decides to act all wonky.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa 04

This is the area facing the lift, which was broken lol. Still, I really love the design they have for such a small space.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa Room

Our room! Since there was three of us, we had an extra bed. The room was verrry small and with the extra bed there, it became even smaller. The beds that came in the room was comfy to sleep in but the extra bed? Not so much.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa 02

The place we had dinner and breakfast – the hotel’s restaurant! The place is quite big actually. Although lighting was a tad bit dimmer than I would’ve liked it to be.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa Breakfast 0

Fruits from their breakfast buffet. From all the hotels we stayed at in the UK, this is the only hotel that had someone manning the buffet table – particularly, for the viands. Not that I mind, as I’m not really one to eat lots, hehe.

North Lakes Hotel & Spa Breakfast

My plate! See that? I didn’t even feel like eating that much beans but the server manning the viand section gave me that much lol. Choices were few, and food was just okay.

Here’s my breakdown of the place:

Ambiance: It’s nice, definitely has a certain charm to it. I also like the lobby, though too bad I don’t have a photo of it! My only trouble is the lighting of the place – it’s just too dim! Even inside our room. ;;

Rooms: Smaller than most hotel rooms, though that may be just me. There is free wi-fi though, a bit slow, but free wi-fi is free wi-fi!

Service: Basing this on breakfast + dinner experience. Service was quick and efficient. For the porter service, I salute the guys who brought our bags up and down – without the help of a lift too!

North Lakes Hotel and Spa is located at Ullswater Rd, Penrith CA11 8QT, UK


After checking out, we went to Windermere for a small stopover to view the lake before heading to York.

Windermere 03

Honestly, I would have loved to spend much more time in this place. So tranquil and peaceful! Although, according to our coach driver, it can get really busy here with all the tourist and such. He told us that we were lucky to have the place – more importantly, the road! – to ourselves. 🙂

Windermere 00

One of the swans that we encountered in Windermere.

Windermere 01

There were ducks too! Though there were fewer of them compared to swans.

Windermere 02

Actually, I felt a biiit uncomfortable around this much swans. I think I’ve watched one too many Youtube videos haha. ;;


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