Snapshot: Stonehenge

Stonehenge 00

I think that it’s almost in everyone’s bucket list to see Stonehenge. Well, if not bucket list, at least the sights to see when in the UK. We were already running quite late and behind our schedule, our coach driver warned us that we may not be able to arrive on time. Lucky enough, we managed to get there just in time! Anyway, during our visit to Stonehenge, I was feeling quite under the weather so I wasn’t able to take as much photos as I wanted to. I have managed to take quite some decent shots of Stonehenge, the  main attraction of the place, but not of the small cafe and centre where the toilets are located.

Stonehenge 01

Anyway, before being able to come near Stonehenge like this, you would have to ride a bus to go there. The ride takes around a couple of minutes, it was less than five minutes I think. The lines do get quite long though and some people don’t want to wait. Instead, they opt to walk the more ~scenic~ route on the way to Stonehenge. I think that there are various walk paths available if you’re the type who doesn’t like to wait, but I think that it’d take you quite longer to reach Stonehenge if you choose to walk there – like maybe half an hour to an hour at least, and that depends if you walk fast or not.

Stonehenge 02

It was quite a gloomy day when we visited but thank heavens it didn’t rain! Stonehenge was as magnificent as I imagined it to be. These rock formations were all very huge though and now I understand its mysterious allure.

Stonehenge 03

See that? There’s a huge crowd near the barricades, so it’s really hard to jostle for a good group photo where the Stonehenge formation is included – it’s even harder, in my opinion, to take a decent selfie haha! Anyway, we didn’t really stay that long here and instead we opted to go back after a few minutes of staring at the rock formation – which is a bit regrettable, but as it was really cold and I wasn’t feeling well, I really needed to go someplace warm! ;; We ended up going inside the cafe and drinking hot chocolate while we waited for our other companions.


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