Yummy Paella at Rico Rico, SM Aura

So a little break on my posts about the UK! Anyway, before leaving for our trip, we went to SM Aura. We didn’t really have anything set as to what we were going to do when we get there. Still, I’m really happy that we did because we finally got to eat at Rico Rico!

Rico Rico 00

Quirky and colourful wall besides the Rico Rico stall in Food on Four, SM Aura. Ever since I saw various articles and photos of Rico Rico in a number of social media sites, I knew that I wanted to try it out. That, and as a HUGE paella fan, I just had to try it out and see for myself if it really is good!

Rico Rico 04

The buzzer that they give you which will light up once your orders are done and ready for pick up.

Rico Rico 01

Look at that yummy goodness. It looks so mouthwateringly good!! ❤

Rico Rico 02

This is their paella carne by the way, and this is their single serving. I love the way they presented the dish. It looks a lot, right? Well, not exactly. The plate they serve it in is quite shallow so I doubt that this is good for sharing if you’re reaaaally hungry. I do like the fact that they didn’t scrimp on the toppings though! 😀

Rico Rico 05

We also had two of their paella negra for takeaway, however only sharing one of the two as my photos of the other paella negra didn’t make the cut for the blog haha. ;; Anyway, at first I honestly thought that the yellow thing on the centre’s an egg yolk – news flash: It wasn’t. I think it’s a type of sauce, but I’m still not so sure what it is, haha. Still, I think that their paella negra’s good too, definitely packs quite a flavour to it.

BONUS: Burrgerito at the Great American Burger Joint

Great American Burger Joint Burgerrito 00

YES!! Even though we already ordered from Rico Rico my eyes still wandered over to the Great American Burger Joint’s stall. I originally wanted to order a burger, but since I already know that I probably won’t be able to finish it, I just settled for their burrito instead. Their burrgerito’s good, I find that I actually really liked it. What I didn’t like was the chips on the side – I think that there’s too few of ’em! But the main star of the dish, the burrito that is, did not disappoint so I guess it’s all good. Since it’s also halved into two already, I shared this with my mom, hehe. Still want to try their burgers though so will definitely have to come back to do so! 😀


Cinnabon 00

Cinnabon!! Yep, we had this for our dessert. Cinnabon really reminds me of my childhood as they used to have a branch near us. A couple of years ago it closed down so I only get to have this sweet treat once in a while. I love the fact that the quality of this treat hasn’t changed a bit! ❤

Rico Rico, The Great American Burger Joint, and Cinnabon is located at Food on Four, SM Aura.


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