Zizzi’s at Cabot Circus, Bristol

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus

Zizzi’s one of the restaurant that we ate at during our trip to the UK. From the outside, it really looks chic. I suppose I did expect a bit out of this restaurant seeing as there seemed to be a lot of locals there when we went.

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus 2

Look! It’s a full house. We were seated at the second floor. On the second floor is where you will find their bathroom – they have several stalls which is always a plus. I also love how clean and private their bathrooms are. They also have another bathroom located on the first floor for those that can’t go up.

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus 1

I love the interior of the place. It’s so chic, so cool! They also have a lot of wines on display. Down below you can also see their barista making coffee.

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus Tomato Pesto Bread

For our antipasti we were served this. I think it’s tomato pesto bread but I’m not quite sure. Seeing as I didn’t really have much of an appetite, I didn’t get to try this but I think it looks quite ordinary.

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus Pizza

For our main course, we were each served our own pizza. Not sure what kind of pizza it was but it did have pepperoni, ham, and mushroom. I wasn’t able to eat this at the restaurant itself and I had it for take-away, but even cold, it was still really good!

Zizzi Restaurant Cabot Circus Ice Cream

This was the only one that I ate at the restaurant as I can’t possibly have it for take-out lol. We were given a choice between vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and obviously I chose vanilla, haha. The ice cream was quite delicious, although, when it comes to ice cream I’m not really picky lol.

Overall, I quite enjoyed our lunch here. Service was quick and ambiance was nice! Can’t recall if they had free wifi, but I think they do, but my memory’s pretty bad so I’m not really sure. ;;

Zizzi’s is located at Cabot Circus, 84 Glass House, Bristol BS1 3BX, UK.


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