Snapshot: Medjugorje, Bosnia

Another throwback post! We just got back from our trip to the UK yesterday, and I’m hoping to write about that trip in the coming days – at least once I’ve sorted out the photos and such! Anyway, this post is about our visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia last 2014. We only had a day trip to Bosnia and the only place that we really got to visit was Medjugorje.

Do you know the story of Medjugorje? Before going here, I wasn’t even aware of this place! Medjugorje is quite a miraculous place because it was there where the Virgin Mary apparently appeared to a bunch of local kids while they were out playing here. This ‘miracle’ has not been officially approved by the Catholic church but there are still a lot of devotees that come here. To this day, some of the kids, now adults (and seniors because this happened a looong time ago), still insist that they hear from Mary. I think that some of them even come back here to preach and to do healing stuff. I watched a documentary and apparently, many people come here to be healed.

Medjugorje Bosnia 0

Steep steps going up Medjugorje. Apparently, this is how the kids back then went up this place. The steps are also very rocky and if you’re not used to doing strenuous activities, you may have a hard time going up. Now I understand why they sell canes there, haha! At the time of our visit, there were also locals who were going up, and I can’t help but be amazed at how fast they (and their dogs!) can go up.

Medjugorje Bosnia 02

View as we hiked up.

Medjugorje Bosnia 01

Medjugorje Bosnia 04

A statue of the Virgin Mary. Haha, weird enough I don’t actually have a front view of this one. So much fail. ;;

Medjugorje Bosnia 03

Going up.

Bosnia street 0

Random street photo. Before climbing up, we had lunch at a local restaurant.

Crkva Svetog Jakova Bosnia 0

Crkva Svetog Jakova. This is the church that was near the restaurant that we ate at.

Aside from Medjugorje, we didn’t get to explore Bosnia at all. I am hoping to come back in the future and see more places there! 😀


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