Fireside by Kettle, Power Plant Makati

Fireside by Kettle has been one of the restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try out for quite some time now. So, when we went here, I had high hopes for the place and the food and I’m quite happy to say that Fireside by Kettle delivered!

Fireside by Kettle 0

To start off the meal, we had their Asian Shrimp Salad. Not really fond of salad, or shrimp (I was allergic to shrimp when I was a kid, and I honestly don’t know if I still am now, but I generally just try to stay away from it lol), I did not try this one.

Fireside by Kettle 01

Fireside by Kettle is also known for its buttermilk chicken, and this is their dish that was a must order for me as I wanted in on the hype, haha! The buttermilk chicken fingers were good, like really good. I now understand why I see a lot of people raving about the buttermilk chicken that Kettle serves lol. 😀

For some reason, the flavors seemed to be familiar though – I just can’t seem to put my finger as to what I’m trying to get at. The cornbread doughnuts that accompanied the dish was okay – I have mixed emotions when it comes to it – it tasted quite sweet to me and that didn’t really appeal to me. Well, to each his own.

Fireside by Kettle 02

We had the chicken and broccoli alfredo. The alfredo was good, but there’s really not much to say. It isn’t the best pasta out there, but you can tell that the quality of the ingredients used were really good.

Fireside by Kettle 03

We love their double cut pork chop – funny story, my mom and I literally thought that there’d be two pieces of pork chop and we were really surprised when this was served to us and we thought there must have been a mistake or something! Anyway, after getting over our initial shock, I was actually  a bit worried that with how thickly cut it was, it would be hard to chew but thankfully it wasn’t. The flavors of the cider brine, as well as that of apple, were really prominent and it was great. I also liked how juicy the pork chop was.

Fireside by Kettle 04

The Fireside House Burger. This came really late, and by then, I was already waaaay too stuffed to try to even get one slice (we had it halved into 4 pieces). We requested it to be well done, but it seemed to still be a little pink on the center, and that did nothing to my appetite so I just took a small piece to try it out – was a bit bland for me.

Fireside by Kettle 05
The homemade smores were good though. The perfect way to cap off an awesome lunch. Though after finishing off a biscuit with some of the chocolate slathered on it and a smore, the sweetness of it all kicked in and I’ve had enough haha.

Service was great. They were really attentive and our orders came at our table at an orderly and timely manner, though the burger did came a bit later than the other dishes. The server was really nice too as my mom’s phone was running low on battery and they were kind enough to charge it in a secure area.  Ambiance was nice too, but when we went there was a portion of the ceiling that was leaking, other than that, the place is perfect. I spotted that they had a restroom, though didn’t get to try it out haha.

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