Trattoria da Gianni, Cebu

It’s like every time I go through my external HD, I always end up stumbling on stuff that I have yet to post yet. Such is the case when I saw photos of when we went to Trattoria da Gianni.

Trattoria da Gianni 00

Trattoria da Gianni 01

Some photos of the interior. The design is quite simple, although the seats seemed to be too near each other.

Trattoria da Gianni 02

They have a second floor, this is where their bathroom is located.

Trattoria da Gianni 03

To start our meal, we had their Arugula salad. As expected, this was very bitter. Not really fond of salad (I’ve just started to appreciate them haha!), I didn’t try this during our visit.

Trattoria da Gianni 04

We ordered several types of pasta and one of them would be their spinach ravioli. The ravioli was alright, but nothing to write home about. It actually tasted a bit bland.

Trattoria da Gianni 05

On the left is their adobo spaghetti, and on the right is the spinach ravioli. Comparing the two, I very much prefer the adobo spaghetti. That may be me being bias however, as I love me some adobo, haha! 😀

Trattoria da Gianni 06

We also ordered their US Beef Tenderloin. I liked the presentation as I found it very cute lol. This dish was another ~okay~ dish, the beef was a bit tough, and it was quite dry.

Trattoria da Gianni 07

We also ordered their spaghetti meatball and carbonara.

Trattoria da Gianni 08

Look at that carbonara! Huhu, so good!

We also ordered fresh pasta with asparagus pesto and seafood risotto but I can’t find the photos of those dishes that I took. ;;

Service was really nice. The servers all had ready smiles on and they seemed to be knowledgable about the items on the menu. During our visit, their wifi did not have any password and it was quite fast too. Overall, I think that some dishes here need to be further improved, but definitely would love to come back and try some of their items again.

Trattoria da Gianni is located at The Crossroads, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Kasambagan, Cebu City.

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12 thoughts on “Trattoria da Gianni, Cebu

    • In terms of presentation, indeed, they pass with flying colors but when it comes to the taste department, they still have a lot to improve on, I think.

      Haha, thanks for dropping by! 😁

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  1. I was back in Cebu not long ago and I didn’t even KNOW about this place! And a lot of your recent blog entries! That’s what I get for spending most of the day asleep so I could watch the World Cup early in the morning with my cousins…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cebu’s really an awesome place now – so much new restaurants are popping out around the city, not as much as in Manila, but it’s definitely a foodie paradise, so different from how it is ages ago!
      Haha, well, at least you enjoyed your time in Cebu with them. 😁


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