Month-date: March 2017

Well, obviously I ended up skipping some months orz. ;; This is mainly because I’ve been too lazy to come up with a month-date post, but I think that it’s high time to start writing one again! So, I’m going to do a recap of this month’s highlights, and some mundane things too just to spice things up lol, on this post! ❤



One of the greatest highlights for me this month would be our staycation in Sofitel, which I did a post about and you can check it out here.  Hehe, I really love the resort vibe of this place, and I could stay for hours in their pool area – given that I have an interesting book with me, or my phone would suffice as they have crazy fast wi-fi.


This month is also when I first tried out ‘bulb’ photography, or I guess it’s most commonly known as long exposure photography. This is pretty much the first time that I tried to do something that was less point-and-shoot, and I’m pleased with the results I got! Now I just have to find a better place to shoot – a busy intersection maybe.


My mom and I were invited to her friend’s party, and the theme was all white. Perfect timing really as I had just bought these dancing pants (lol!).


This is also the first time that I finally got to try cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. They are quite pricey but I love ’em and I’m now down to just 1 cookie so I have to restock lol.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 01

Plitvice Lakes National Park 05

Well, the last 2 photos aren’t taken this month (let alone this year huhu!), but I was finally able to write about my trip to Vienna, Austria and Plitvice! I’m actually very proud of myself, as I think that it’s my  most productive month ever – blog-wise. I’ve been (mostly) consistent with posting new content so yes, I’m quite happy with myself! ❤

Bad Bird Century

Earlier this month, we finally went to Century Mall! Haha, I’ve been meaning to go for some time now as there are a lot of food establishments there that I wanted to try out – one of them being Bad Bird. I’m so glad that I can finally cross it out of my list! I really love their chicken, and their waffle?? SO GOOD. I can’t wait for their branch in Robinson’s Ermita to open!! 😀
Milk Trade egg waffle
Milk Trade is also one of the establishments in Hole in the Wall that I’ve been dreaming of and wanted to go to. Lol their egg waffles are really good!! Definitely something I’m looking forward to eating again on my next visit.
Italiannis Calamari
We’ve also been constantly going to Italianni’s these days. I blame my mom’s Bistro card lol. Anyway, my favourite dish ever from Italianni’s would have to be their calamari – it’s the one thing that I keep on ordering every time we eat there. I’m hoping to write a more comprehensive review – will probably be up by next month.

Italiannis Italian Truffle

I also love their Truffle Fries. Y-U-M! ❤


Some nights ago, the moon was hovering really close by and on a whim, I tried to take good photos of it – with a little help from the internet, I was able to take a sorta decent shot! Haha, now I can’t help but kick at myself for not taking pretty photos during super moon phases and stuff. 😥
I’ve been feeling really tired and out of it for most of the week, hence the fact that there’s no new posts. I am feeling a bit better now so.. back to regular programming it is!

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