Snapshot: Vienna, Austria

I’ve been to Vienna twice, and as we always join group tours, we more or less went to the same sights that we had gone to during our first time there. Still, even if I’ve only seen a limited part of Vienna, it still remains to be one of the places that I would love to go back to someday! Mainly because I have yet to try the Sachertorte at Hotel Sacher, and of course, because I want to explore the city some more, which isn’t really possible when you have to follow a set schedule.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 05

I guess that it goes without saying that one of the must-see sights in Vienna would be the Schönbrunn Palace.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 01

I’m assuming that it is, because I’ve been here in two separate occasions already, haha.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 02

It’s a shame though that photography is not allowed inside. The palace rooms are really pretty.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 04

I love the nearby garden, though we only had a limited amount of time to explore it.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 03

There were several statues around here but this one caught my eye, haha.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace 06

I wanted to try this out, but again, limited time, so maybe next time.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 0

We’ve only stayed in Vienna for a day, so we didn’t really get to see much. We did manage to see some museums – at least the outside of museums, anyway. ;;

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 02

Vienna Austira 01

Near the Rathaus. We had a short walking tour around Vienna.

Vienna Austria

Saw this guy sun-bathing lol.


Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria Rathaus 0

The Rathaus. I think there was an event going on or on-going anyway, at the time of our visit, hence the stage.

Vienna Austria building 01

The buildings here remind me of Escolta here in the Philippines.

Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 05

We also went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral – this time we went inside.

Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 04Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 02





There’s a small fee that you have to pay in order to get inside the area with the pews and all.Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 03

Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 01

One of the best things in Europe, I think, is their architecture. Especially when it comes to churches. The elaborate design and displays always manage to amaze me.

Vienna Austria St. Stephen's Cathedral 00

Don’t really know what’s written on it lol, but I think it looks pretty – especially the way that the light from the church windows touches it.

Vienna Austria Street 01

At the time of our visit, there was also a mini rally thing going on.

Vienna Austria Street 0

This street is quite memorable for me as we always end up here when we’re in the area – at the Burger King to be exact. Lol the place is really friendly! Both times we went, the staff were mostly Filipino so it sorta felt like home too. 🙂

That’s the end of this post! Lol, looking at my photos and writing this post makes me want to badly go back!







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