The Chocolate Chamber, Cebu

This is a really short post – at least I think so. Haha, so while looking through my folders on my external HD, I found these photos I took when we went to the Chocolate Chamber. Seeing as I recall how much I looove their hot chocolate – I decided to go ahead and write a short review. Yaaas chocolate!! 🙂

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 01

There are several branches of the Chocolate Chamber in Cebu (I think there are two!), and the one we visited was their Robinson’s Galleria branch. Their store set-up was simple, but it had this classy feel to it. They had a shelf where they display some of their products like hot chocolate powder and other chocolate-y goodness.

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 00

Being a chocolate lover, I knew that I could not let the chance to visit the Chocolate Chamber pass me by! I recall that we went to the Chocolate Chamber like, a day before we flew back home to Manila lol.

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 02

Their counter where they have several cakes and cookies on display. It did sorta surprised me though when they didn’t have a cake chiller in their store. That was one of the reasons why we opted not to try their cake as it may be stale or something. Anyway, do you see what I see? I spy a chocolate fountain! Hehe, the whole store actually smells like chocolate and I think that the chocolate fountain contributes to the heavenly chocolate-y scent, haha! ❤

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 03

As there were three of us, and we ordered three drinks, we ended up getting three chocolate truffles too, which came with the drink. The free truffles was so good! I was almost tempted to buy them lol.

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 05

They had several flavours of hot chocolate – ranging from mint to orange to vanilla and a lot of other flavours, but I opted to go for salted caramel. After all, salted caramel hot chocolate? It’s bound to be really yummy! Aaand, unsurprisingly, I was right, it was. Lol, their hot chocolate also comes with a free mini cookie. Anyway, I love their  cups, it’s so dainty and cute! 😀

The Chocolate Chamber Cebu 06

We also ordered a cookie but I didn’t really like it. It was sort of stale for me – again, maybe this is due to the fact that they don’t store it in a cool place or something.

If it isn’t obvious, I love their ambiance. Service was fast too. I also liked their hot chocolate and I am more than excited to try out the other flavours that they have. However, I think that they should improve on their cookie. Still, as I love chocolate I know that I’ll be visiting the Chocolate Chamber when we come back to Cebu – this time, probably in their other branch. 🙂

The Chocolate Chamber is located at Verandah, Ground Floor, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

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