Dinner Buffet at UNO, Waterfront Cebu

Well, I think this is the last post I’m going to make regarding my trip to Cebu. That means it’s time to go back, haha! Anyway, this post will be about my dinner buffet experience in UNO Restaurant located at Waterfront Cebu. 🙂

UNO Waterfront Cebu 00

When it comes to buffets, the first station that I always find myself gravitating towards would have to be either the meat/steak or Italian station. So, when we went to UNO, that was the first station that I headed to. They only have limited pizza flavours to choose from, in fact, there are only two on display. Their pizza was just okay, there was really no wow factor to it.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 01

Of course, an Italian station would not be complete without pasta! They have various sauces to choose from, and this is actually the first time that I encountered a ‘lamb stracotto’ sauce. Don’t really know what that is, but the chef manning the station assured us that it was good, but I ended up with my ever trustworthy bolognese sauce anyway lol.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 02

!! So awesome! They have all sorts of pasta there, even ravioli.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 03

Nearby is the meat/steak station. It was a bit bland – not to mention it was really dry.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 04

Make your own noodles.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 05

Singaporean Chili Crab – this was a hit in our table – at least for my mom and uncle. Haha, I don’t eat seafood (I only like calamari and a few types of shell/clams ;;), so I opted to skip this.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 06

The pasta I ordered. It was just okay, I would have loved it to be cheesier, hehe.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 07

Appetizers, which there are a lot.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 08

Honey Roasted Ham.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 09

The salad station.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 10

Not sure what station this anymore, haha.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 11

As always, there’s the lechon. Lol, I think this is a staple in Cebu buffet places, after all, Cebu is famously known for its lechon.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 12

Also this is the only buffet that I’ve visited so far that offers dried fish lol.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 15

Some of the cakes from their pastry station.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 19

Make your own halo-halo.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 20

In their pastry/dessert station, you can also make your own crepes! 🙂

UNO Waterfront Cebu 18

Chinese station. Their fried rice = really good.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 17

Their siomai was also good as well.

UNO Waterfront Cebu 21

UNO Waterfront Cebu 23

Japanese station. Look at that huge fish.

Verdict: Honestly speaking, their buffet is just alright for me, and I think there’s a slim chance of us coming back here. They offer a lot of food choices, but nothing really stood out. I think that it’s better to eat at either Mizu, Tin Gow, or La Gondola instead. If not, maybe go to IT Park and eat there. Anyway, service is again, just alright, and ambiance was okay. Still, with such mediocre food, I guess I understand why the place isn’t packed even though at the time they had a promo going on (I think their buffet was only 999 instead of their original price when we went). In my opinion, I think that the quality of their food has deteriorated and that they should do something about it – like lessen the food choices and focus on their ~strengths~ or something like that.

Also, you can see my review on Tin Gow, Mizu, and La Gondola here! 😀


UNO is located at Gourmet Walk, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.




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