Dinner Buffet at Tides Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu

During our last visit to Cebu, we made a spontaneous trip to Shangri-la Mactan to have dinner there. This was months ago, and again, this is another late post, huhu. Anyway, as always, I still think it’s not too late to share our dining experience at Tides, Shangri-la Mactan! 🙂

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 07

To be honest, we weren’t actually planning on eating at Tides, as we wanted to try eating at Tea of Spring, Shangri-la Mactan’s Chinese restaurant. However, at the entrance of Tides, we saw a familiar face – Mike, one of the servers. He’s one of the people that, it seems, we always manage to encounter there! Anyway, it didn’t take much to convince us to have our dinner at Tides – after all, as we have gone here quite a number of times already, we know that we won’t be disappointed with the food!

During our visit, there was, I believe, an English theme going on, so there were fish & chips being served and other English dishes.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 25

Some of the sushi on display.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 01

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 02

They have an Indian cuisine station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 03

I think this is part of the Filipino food station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 04

Assortment of small dishes like salad and cheese for you to choose from.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 05

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 21

You can create your own noodles in this station. They have the Filipino Pochero and Singaporean Laksa here as well.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 19

At the time of our visit, Pokemon Go! was at its peak, so this sign was very timely, hehe. Anyway, you can experience eating Filipino street food here.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 20

I thought this sign was really cute. 🙂

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 22

Choices of noodles and add-ons in the make-your-own-noodle station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 00

They also have a pasta station where you can ask them to make you pasta. I chose their carbonara. Anyway, my uncle got tired of me asking for plate after plate so he ended up asking the chef to make 2 servings of pasta and place it on one plate! lol, not surprising then that after this one I didn’t ask for more.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 16

Some of the dishes they have in their Asian station. There’s some Korean and Japanese dishes available here.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 17

Fish and chips.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 18

Filipino station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 23

Some items that are part of their Filipino street food offerings.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 24

Highlight of the Filipino station – the lechon, which is the dish that Cebu is famous for.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 06

Kiddie station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 09

There are quite a number of little cakes and pastries for you to choose from in the dessert station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 10

My favourite place in any buffet, haha.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 11

Some Filipino delicacies were also available in their dessert station.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 12

Bread, a staple in any buffet lol.

Tides Shangri-la Mactan 13


Tides Shangri-la Mactan 14

They also have ice cream – they offer a lot of different flavours, and even yoghurt.

As usual, I enjoyed our dinner at Tides, but I think that it seems like the food choices have decreased, which is a bit sad. Still, I look forward to coming back, anyway! Hopefully this summer we’ll go back. This time I’ll take better photos, haha. 🙂

Tides, Shangri-la Mactan is located at Punta Engaño Rd, Cebu, 6015 Cebu, Philippines.

Tides - Shangri-la's Mactan Resort & Spa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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