Texas Roadhouse at S Maison, MOA

Ever since I saw the sign advertising that Texas Roadhouse was going to open at S Maison, I was really excited for it to open. I’ve always wanted to try eating there, but problem was their other branch at Uptown Mall, BGC, was too far away and my mom and I always end up eating at a different establishment.

Of course when Texas Roadhouse finally opened its doors, my mom and I immediately checked it out. Well, actually, it was totally just by chance that we were there during their first day lol.

We’ve been to Texas Roadhouse twice, so I’ll be including photos of our order from both times we went! Haha, just a little heads-up as we can’t (usually lol \shot) really eat so much food in just one sitting.

Texas Roadhouse free bread basket

For starters, they served us freshly baked bread with their cinnamon butter. Their bread is so yummy, and for both times we went, I asked for seconds (more like thirds and fourths \cri)! I also really love their cinnamon butter and it just goes well with their bread. They also have a bucket of peanuts that you can munch on while waiting for your food to arrive.

Texas Roadhouse All American Burger

This is their All American Burger with American cheese. I asked them to separate the lettuce and tomatoes. I found their burger to be quite plain, so this is not a must-order for me – nor do I see myself ordering this again in the future. Still, I will most likely check out their other burger variants.

Texas Roadhouse Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 0

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Both my mom and I found this to be a bit weird tasting, although that may be because we aren’t used to the sauce used. There’s a choice of either having the chicken mild or hot – and I think we chose the former. There is an obvious punch of spiciness here though even if spiciness we chose was just mild.

Texas Roadhouse Country Fried Steak

Their Country Fried Steak. We ordered this during our second visit. You have a choice whether you want it to be drizzled with their brown gravy or their made-from-scratch cream gravy, and we chose the cream gravy.The flavours of the dish was a disappointment for us, and it didn’t really meet with our expectation. The gravy did help though, and it really enhanced the dish. The serving is quite huge and you can easily share this between two people, or three, depending on how hungry you are.

Texas Roadhouse Grilled Bone-in Pork Chops

This is my mom’s favourite and she ordered it both times we went here; that’s how much she liked it, haha! This is their Grilled Bone-in Pork Chops, double/to-share.

The gravy they used here is delicious, although, even without it, I honestly think the dish can stand on its own. I was able to try this both times and quality of the meat was the same. Both times it was really delicious, and an instant fave of both my mom and I.

Texas Roadhouse Sirloin 0

During our first visit, I got their Sirloin 6oz.

Texas Roadhouse Salad 0

It came with a free salad, and I think you can choose what kind of salad you would get, but since I don’t really like eating salad, I opted to not try it, hehe.

Texas Roadhouse Sirloin 01

Look at that piece of meat! On top of it is mushrooms and onions – I think that this is an upgrade so you have to pay a small fee to add it, but I’m not so sure, hehe.

Texas Roadhouse Sirloin 02

Like their pork chops, the meat was very tender and juicy! Every bite was heavenly. I also really enjoyed my side dish – which was the mashed potatoes. Their mashed potato was very fine, and the gravy that accompanied it was really good too.

Texas Roadhouse S Maison Conrad MOA 01

A photo of us with some of their staff during their grand opening.

The place is really pretty, and it really does make you feel like a cowboy in some old time-y saloon. Service is really good too, the servers are all very attentive and they always have ready smiles on their faces. The place also offers free wi-fi which is, as always, a huge +++ for me. Since Texas Roadhouse is under the Bistro group, if you have your Bistro card you can also avail discounts, as well as earn points too when eating here.

Will be back? Of course! Though I am still hoping that we can visit their BGC branch soon! 🙂

Texas Roadhouse is located at Level 1, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.



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