Coffee at Costa, Robinsons Manila

There are quite a number of coffeeshops in Robinsons Place Manila, and these days, one of our fave coffeeshops would be Costa.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila 02

The ambiance here is really nice, and there always seems to be a laid-back vibe going through the place. Passing by, you will also spot a red telephone booth (which is just a prop, haha), which is quite a famous British icon, but that’s no surprise as the brand came from the UK.

Little trivia: In Britain, Costa is the largest coffeehouse chain.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila 03

Like in most coffeeshops, this place is self-service. You have to order at the counter. Once you’re done, you are given a small disc that will light up and vibrate, that means you can get your order already. I like the service here as the people manning the counter always seem to have a smile on their faces, they are also quite friendly too.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila 0

Our order. On this visit, I had their hot chocolate and peanut butter brownie (which isn’t included in the photo above), my mom had their coffee and blueberry cheesecake.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila Blueberry Cheesecake 0

As I’m not fond of blueberry (or most types of fruit, really. ;;), I didn’t really get to try this out in its entirety, as I only tried the cheesecake part. It was good, although, not the best I’ve had.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila Peanut Butter Brownie 0

The peanut butter brownie was the bomb!! Haha, I’m currently obsessed with peanut butter for some reason, so when I saw this on their display, I knew that I just had to order it! For me, it had the perfect balance of sweet but not overly so.

Costa Coffee, Robinsons Manila 01

Another group shot of our order, this time with my peanut butter brownie included lol.

Costa is one of my top coffeeshop picks in Rob Manila, and if you find yourself here with nothing to do, I think it’s a good place to hang out and be idle, haha! The place is quite huge, and there are a lot of seats to choose from. They also have free wi-fi here, but the speed is sporadic, and most of the time, it can be very slow.

Also, they not only offer cakes and pastries, but they also offer sandwiches as well – which I have yet to try myself, but I will, one of these days! 🙂

Costa Coffee is located at Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila





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