My Blog Turns 1!

As I have mentioned in my ‘About’ page, I have done numerous attempts on blogging. I’ve tried Blogger, Tumblr, and even had several WordPress blogs before this one. All of them lasted only for a couple of weeks though, except for my Tumblr blog, but I only used it to repost photos and memes that I found to be funny, or pretty fanart. Sooo, yeah, this is the first time that I’ve actually stuck with a blog and post new content regularly.

Down below are just some of my thoughts and reflections of having reached this milestone. Hopefully I’ll have more more blog-niversaries in the future! Definitely looking forward to it. ❤


Blogging has always been something that I wanted to do as I love to write and take photos, and I’ve always thought that blogging was one of the ways I can share my thoughts, travels, and food adventures on.

After much dallying, it was only last year that I finally bit the bullet and started this blog. This blog used to be called travelanon(dot)wordpress(dot)com, but as the months passed by, I wanted to personalise it, to establish my own ‘brand’ so to speak, and thus, after some brainstorming I decided to call it gonicolec. Why, GNC, you may ask? I chose GNC because I think it’s really cute and it sounds like something someone would shout to cheer me on. 😀  Lol scratch that, actually it does have some meaning to it. Go is my middle name, Nicole is my first name, and C is the first letter of my surname. Hence Go Nicole C! Going back to the brand thing, I really think that GNC also represents me well, as literally, it’s my name, hehe.


Looking back, I’m glad that I started my blog, as so far, I’m really enjoying myself. Hehe I also think that because of the blog, I have even more motivation to go out and explore the local scene and culture that my country has to offer.

Fun fact: I’ve actually had this since November 2015, but it was only on March 5, 2016 that I put up my first post.


My journey as a blogger has just begun, and though in the future there might be some bumps and hiccups, I’m confident that as long as I’m having fun doing what I love, I’ll be able to go through any obstacle that ends up in my way.

 With that said, I would like to share the hopes I have for my blog. 🙂


To post more content on a regular basis. There are some months in the past year that I’ve only posted a handful per month – like on May, July, August (no post at all!), and September (1 post only, icri).. This is something that I plan on changing, and I think that when it comes to posting, I definitely need to have a more organised system – time to put my Starbucks planner to use lol. That, and I am looking forward to several trips this year, and I hope to share more travel content with you guys!


To move to WordPress(dot)org and self-host. Now this is something that I’ve been debating as to whether or not I should do, but I think that I’m not yet ready to take that leap yet. Before actually moving, I think I’ll just opt to change to a ‘(dot)com’ first, but still host my blog on here. Baby steps, first, baby steps.


As you can see on the photo, most of my readers are from the Philippines, followed closely by the United States, and then India and the United Kingdom.

To interact more with other bloggers. This is something that I haven’t really done much, if at all. This is my introvert personality at work, but it’s something I’m trying to mend! Honestly, I want to make friends with aaaall of you, hahah! 😀

Anyway, I hope you guys look forward to new posts, because I am looking forward to sharing my  foodie/travel/life experiences and writing more often on here.


Next year I’ll definitely celebrate my blog-niversary with cake! 😀


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