A Memorable Day with Child Haus Manila

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was to celebrate a special occasion in a meaningful manner. Last February 27, it was my Uncle’s birthday, and with the help of MyBirthday Foundation, we were able to celebrate it with kids stricken with cancer and their guardians at Child Haus Manila.


My uncle, Michael Angelo, after months of battle with leukemia, passed away last August 2015. If he had lived, he would have been 27 years old today. That’s mainly the reason why we chose Child Haus as our beneficiary – though I myself do not know first-hand the struggle and pain that a person with cancer goes through, I have seen for myself that it is indeed a hard battle. For that reason, my family and I wanted to throw a small celebration for the kids at Child Haus, so that at the very least, even if just for a day, they can forget and have fun just like any normal kid.



Some of the kids and guardians that attended our celebration.


While waiting for the start of the event and for the other kids and their guardians to come, we handed out balloons to the kids, and I was really glad that they liked them! 🙂


To start our party, Ms. Diane MyBirthday Foundation gave a short prayer, and then a short story-telling session commenced. We opted not to play any games though, as the children might tire themselves out.


Our handa, the food we prepared was very simple. Our ates, my mom and I all helped to prepare the meals that we served to the kids. We cooked rice, chicken adobo, and Filipino-style spaghetti. For dessert, we had fruit salad (which was a hit, by the way, although we ran out of this pretty quickly that not everyone got to have it.), and bananas. We prepared around a 100 rice meals and a 100 pasta meals that were placed in food boxes. We had already placed the rice and pasta on the food box, and it was in the venue that we placed the chicken adobo on top of the rice, and the sauce on top of the pasta.



It took quite an effort to make all the food by ourselves, but it was definitely worth it! The kids and their guardians enjoyed their meals and that means our efforts were not for naught. 🙂




After lunch, we were surprised that the kids actually had a song and dance number for us. They had two songs for us. It was really heart-warming.


When their performance was through, we gave the gifts we prepared to the children. I was so happy that the children were delighted with the gifts we gave them.


On that day, there was actually a boy there who was celebrating his birthday! Good thing we brought two cakes with us, and he was able to have a cake of his own. 🙂


Before we ended our celebration, we went up front to blow the candles on both cakes, as well as to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.



There was actually a moment when everyone was at a standstill because we had no matches or lighters. Good thing one of the kuyas there had a lighter.


Look at all the happy faces!



Group photos with the Child Haus kids and their guardians. Before and after the candles were blown.


We had a blast celebrating with the kids at Child Haus, and this is definitely one of the highlights of my year. When he was alive, my Uncle, Michael Angelo, also loved to volunteer and help others, and during our celebration of his birthday at Child Haus, it almost felt like he was there with us. I’m glad that at least even for a day, we were able to brighten up the Child Haus kids’ day.

Child Haus is located at 1448 Agoncillo St, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

If you want to have your own MyBirthday Foundation party, you can check out MyBirthday Foundation’s Facebook page here.

Note: I grabbed some of the photos I posted on here from MyBirthday Foundation Album entitled, “MyBirthday Party: Michael Angelo”.


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