Staycation at Sofitel Plaza, Manila

There are a few times in a year that my family is given the chance to stay overnight at Sofitel Plaza (also known as Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila) – perks of being an Accor Plus Member. Anyway, though we get to stay here a couple of times already, the experience never gets old.


Road to paradise, haha, I think every aspect of Sofitel is picture-worthy! When you’re here, I think it’s easy for you to get an Instagrammable shot. 🙂


My *staycation* essentials:

-Pilot Pikachu that I got from Kansai International Airport – he’s always strapped on to my camera bag haha!

-My phone(s) – now this I cannot go anywhere without! Though I mainly use my camera to capture moments, I still bring my phone around as back-up; usually just to quickly snap a photo or video to share on IG, or maybe post a Tweet on Twitter. Anyway, in this day and age where there seems to be wi-fi everywhere (if not, mobile data’s there to save the day!), these babies are usually with me wherever I go, staycation or not. Anyway, Sofitel has really fast wi-fi so I definitely have to bring ’em with me lol.

-A book. I brought Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner with me. It’s really interesting and thought-provoking. One of the best books I’ve read so far this year!


A quick peek of our room. The bed is so soft, and it’s no surprise that my mom and I didn’t want to budge and wake up the next day, haha!


“I am in the world now, but one day I shall be gone.”

This is the first time in history that we got to have such a great view of the pool. Usually we end up on the other side entirely facing the parking lot or something. Again, it isn’t much of a surprise that we took advantage of the great view. I, for one, ended up lounging around the terrace and reading my book there.


Here’s the view from our room!


We also have a great view of the city.


The sunset.


Mr. Sun goes bye-bye.




Breakfast buffet was not included in our stay, but we ended up going down to eat anyway. As my mom is an Accor Plus member, we also got to avail a huge discount. 🙂


Some of the food being served at their Asian section of the buffet. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but take it from me, the breakfast food here is vast, and more importantly, the dishes are also very delicious! Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! 😀


So many different types of sausages. Frankly, I gorged myself on these lol.




My plate.


After our breakfast at Spiral, we decided to head out to the pool and bay area to walk around a bit before going up. Got to burn some of dat calories, haha!



We stayed on a weekday, so there wasn’t really much of a crowd to speak of. In fact, it even sorta felt like the whole place was ours, haha!


We actually brought our swimsuits, but we were too lazy to actually go swim. Lol, maybe next time!


Such a pretty view.


They have huge chess pieces here which you can move around, and presumably play if you have a partner to play chess with.


You can grab a quick snack or drink at Sunset Bar.


The water looks so inviting.


They also have a kiddie pool area.



I love the chairs they have that faces Manila Bay. You can also order food and drink here. A menu is laid out and there’s a ringer you can press and someone will entertain you to get your order.



With this view and the whole ambiance the place exudes, it almost felt like we were in the province at a beach resort instead of actually being in the middle of bustling Manila. Anyway, I really enjoyed our stay at Sofitel, and am looking forward to our next stay here, hopefully we can come back soon! 🙂

Also, my blog has turned 1 yesterday! Haha, will make a separate post about that soon, as I think that’s quite an achievement, and merits its own post. 🙂

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is located at CCP Complex Roxas Blvd Brgy. 76, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines.


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