Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory & LeTao @ Power Plant, Makati

I was pleasantly surprised that while we were strolling through Power Plant, we stumbled upon Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory and LeTao. They are both brands hailing all the way from Japan.


Their store is pretty small, on one side you have Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, and on the other you have a small display of LeTAO’s cheesecake. This is just a pop-up store though, just like the other pop-up stores that they have in Uptown Mall and Greenbelt. 🙂


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is actually really well-known. Their cookies are made with Hokkaido milk and the best cheeses that the market has to offer. It’s certainly easy to fall in love (or addicted lol) with these cookies as they are really good!


Currently, they have offer three types of cookies: The Salt & Camembert – which is their best-seller – at 580 pesos, Honey & Gorgonzola at 620 pesos, and Porcini and Gouda Cookies at 620 pesos. I think they also offer Cheese Cakes but I’m not so sure as I focused on the cookies during our visit.


Ta-da! We didn’t come home empty-handed. Well, actually this was taken as we were waiting for our lunch, lol.


If you want to buy their cookies, you have to get 1 box, and each box has 10 pieces inside. I super love their packaging!



Though their best-seller may be their Salt & Camembert flavoured cookie, I think I prefer their Honey & Gorgonzola cookie better. There isn’t really that much difference between the two, but I find that the Honey one seems to be on the sweeter side, though if I’m not paying that much attention while munching on these, I doubt that I can actually tell these two flavours apart. That’s how subtle the difference between the flavours are, at least, in my opinion.


This is how both ends of the box are sealed.


Get in my tummy!


Hehe, with such a funny coincidence, I just HAD to take a photo of my phone case with the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory goodies.


I didn’t buy this Fromage Double from our visit, in fact, this was just given to us by a relative, hehe. Anyway, I also love the packaging of LeTAO – it reminds me of bamboo steamers that you place dimsum into. :))

Like Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, LeTAO also uses Hokkaido milk as one of the main ingredients of their product.


The packaging. I don’t have a good photo of the cheesecake itself though! Anyway, LeTao is based in Hokkaido, and the shop specialises in frozen “double cheesecakes.” The one we had the pleasure of trying is their Double Fromage, which is actually made up of two layers.  There’s the creamy baked layer at the top, and a milky, quite sweet unbaked cheesecake at the bottom. I actually enjoyed eating this and ate a bit too much, haha.

Ignore the cheese tart – that’s not from LeTAO or Tokyo Milk Cheese Factor lol.

The Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory and LeTAO pop-up store is located at P1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati.



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