Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace, SM Manila

Even though SM Manila isn’t really that far from where I live, it’s been ages since I last went there. So, when we went yesterday, I was surprised to see that a lot has changed. Haha, I wanted to explore the place a bit more, but since we didn’t really have a lot of time, we decided to eat at Cafe Mary Grace, a café that we are more than familiar with, and it’s actually a favourite of both my mom and I.


The ambiance of the place is so nice! In fact, I love the whole homey aura that seems to exude from every corner. I also love the mix-and-match chairs! 🙂

For me, I think they are also strategically located as they are very near the department store and supermarket (just take the nearby escalator going down), and the entrance where the parking lot is located.

As there were three of us when we went, we ordered 3 different pasta dishes.


First off, my order, an oil-based pasta called Vongole. This is one of my fave pastas to order in Mary Grace. It’s really flavourful, though not to the point of it being overwhelmingly so.


Another oil-based pasta that’s my mom’s fave – the spicy lemon scampi. This time, my mom actually found it to be too spicy, at least for her. In any case, you can actually request it to be less spicy – or even spicier if that’s what you want, hehe.


The only tomato-based pasta we got during our visit was the Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs. Haha, the meatballs are on the side! This is also one of my fave pasta to get in Mary Grace! It’s really delicious, and the meatballs are so goood.

The Garlic bread that came with all the pasta we got was also good, though, a tad bit hard if you ask me. They will also give you cheese and chili flakes that you can put on your pasta at your own discretion.


Not all Mary Grace branches serve pizza, so when we happen to dine at one that does, I always try not to miss the chance to order it! That, and the sign that heralded that they had pizza was more than enough to tempt me lol.

We got their Parma Ham & Arugula Pizza. It was really yummy, although I did remove the Arugula on the slices I ate, hehe. I do have a suggestion though: I hope that they add a new pizza flavour, like an all-meat one. Pretty please? c:

They have their own bathroom, and they even have free wi-fi here, so what’s not to love? Prices here can be a bit steep though, so I don’t suggest eating here everyday, maybe on special occasions like for dates and birthdays – or for the times that you feel like treating yourself or your friends/family! Still, the quality of the food, as well as the proportion, does seem to correlate with the price, and I think you are getting a bang for your buck.

Cafe Mary Grace is located at UG/F SM Manila, San Marcelino , Ermita, Manila. They also have other branches around the Metro.



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