Lunch buffet at The Café, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

When it comes to hotel buffets in Manila, what immediately pops into my mind would be either Spiral at Sofitel, Café Ilang-Ilang at Manila Hotel, or Circles at Shang-rila Makati. Basically, these are my top three choices when it comes to buffets lol. Still, wanting to break away from the norm, I wanted to try something else. That’s where The Café at Hyatt City of Dreams enters the picture. I’ve always been curious about this place since forever ago, and I was ecstatic when I finally had the chance to eat here with my mom a few months ago. Haha, yep, this is a late post but better late than never!



Like in most buffets, they have the pizza and pasta station. I love their pizza and I think during our visit I was able to eat the equivalent of a whole pizza lol. Depending on where you enter, this is the first food station that you will see.



They also have a steak/carving station. You can find lamb, beef, and even fish here.




I also enjoyed looking at this scribbled on words on their wall. Usually, it’s of ingredients, recipes, or the name of the food station.


Cheese board. They don’t really have a huge selection, but I think there’s enough to satisfy anyone’s cheese cravings.


Besides the cheese station you can find some selection of bread. I like their bread here as it isn’t hard, unlike some other buffet places where the bread is as tough as nails lol.



A selection of ham.


Seafood! You can ask them to cook the prawns/clams/crabs/mussels to however you wish it to be cooked.




Japanese food station.


Bread with dip.


They also have a salad station wherein you can make your own salad.


This has got to be my fave out of everything, haha! Basically, it’s just fried chicken fillet but I super love the breading. Also really like the sauce/gravy they have to go along with it.


Fish tacos. Didn’t get to try this one as I don’t really like fish. ;;






Various pastries – happy to see they have Filipino favourites like Puto and Cassava Cake.


Chocolate fountain!!


We went during the Christmas season, hence the gingerbread house display. c:


Donuts. Yum.


Look at that beauty.


Now look at this cutie. JOKE. Haha, this is taken in the bathroom that’s within the buffet area.


The place is huge, and there were a lot of unoccupied seats near the bathroom area. Then again, this part is the furthest away from the buffet.


This is my first plate! I took various cold cuts, cheese, and bread. As well as beef and salmon from the Asian section of the buffet. I LOVE their enchilada and I also ate a lot of that lol. They also have nachos but I didn’t really enjoy it much as there’s only a meagre amount of toppings on it. I also took a serving of fries but didn’t really like it.


Pasta from the pasta station. It was so yummy. I had the white and red sauce combined lol. Sad to say that during our visit they didn’t have bacon as a topping. Why?? I love me some bacon. \sad


Pizza! It was really delish and fresh off the oven too.


This isn’t my plate, but look at that siomai! Speaking of, I also really liked their siomai.


This one’s mine lol. I tried their beef from the carving station as well but didn’t really like it.


Send nood(le)s. Hehe, they were good, if not a bit bland, but I find that most noodles from buffets are.



Dessert. Haha, what I usually love about dessert in buffets would have to be their chocolate fountain! I also liked their chocolate too.


Vanilla milkshake! I think you can also ask for chocolate milkshake as well. Found this in their dessert station.


Yummy halo-halo.

Over all, our first visit to City of Dreams wasn’t that bad, in fact, it was great! There’s value for money as there’s a lot of food to choose from, and the quality of the food is good too. Ambiance is really nice, and service is good. There’s also wi-fi in the area as well.


The Café is located at Ground Floor, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Aseana Boulevard Corner Macapagal Avenue, Entertainment City, Parañaque City.



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