5 Cafés To Visit When in Cebu

I’ve been debating with myself for a while now as to how I’m going to post this. These photos have been idling away for months now, and finally, instead of doing this 1 post per cafe, I decided to just merge them and write them all in one post, hence this post (lol so redundant). Anyway, here are 5 cafés that I think are worth dropping by if ever you’re in Cebu City.

5. Cafe Talk


Look at that cute bear.


Look at that sandwich! *u*


Pancakes! As far as I recall, both dishes came with coffee.


My date and I. ❤ HAHA! Anyway, their vanilla milkshake was also good!

They have free wi-fi, though only the staff knows what the password is, so you have to let them encode it for you. Place is quite big, but some of the seats looked to be cramped. There are also a number of books here for you to browse through, although browsing through them, some of them look to be old. Service is fast.

All along I thought that they had branches in Manila, but apparently, they only have branches in Cebu, two branches, in fact. They have a branch in Gaisano Mall, and it’s the other branch that we visited that’s located in Capitol.

Cafe Talk is located at 731 N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.

4. Cafe Laguna

Not exactly a cafe, per se, as they serve traditional Filipino dishes, but still, this Cebu homegrown cafe/restaurant is not one to be missed! In fact, it’s one of our (my mom and I, hehe) fave restos in Cebu. As far as I know, Cafe Laguna has yet to open a branch in Manila.


Lumpiang Sariwa.


Pancit palabok with puto on the side. I really love Cafe Laguna’s palabok and it’s what I usually order when we eat here!


Turon banana with langka.

Cafe Laguna doesn’t have free wifi, but in their Ayala branch, which is the one that we frequently visit, they do have their own restroom. They have recently renovated their place as well! Service is fast, and usually we only have to wait a short time before our food is served.

Cafe Laguna has several branches, but the one we visited is located at Level 1, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Biliran Rd, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

3. Birdseed Breakfast Club + Café

Ever since I saw this café on Zomato and other social media sites, I definitely wanted to visit this place! Anyway, the place is very pretty and definitely worth a visit.




I really love the interiors of Birdseed. Especially liked their unique menu (coffee?) board.


The Croque Madame = HUGE AF. LOL You can just imagine the surprise on our faces when this was delivered to our table. The presentation really gave quite a huge ~wow~ factor. We had it cut in half, but between my mom and I, we couldn’t finish it, haha. It was alright, though, I suggest that they should heat up the cheese drizzled on top of the sandwich – for me, that’d make it a lot better.


Hamburger mac and cheese. It was very delish, and I really like the sauce they used. The hamburger seemed to need more spices though as for me, it tasted very bland.

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Café is located at Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.

2. Abaca Baking Company

I’ve read a lot about Abaca on Zomato, and I was determined to visit at least one of their branches! The Abaca branch we visited was the one they had in Banawa. It was pretty small, but the ambiance was very nice.


As far as I remember, for a price of 60 pesos (roughly around US $1!), you can have unlimited coffee refills! Talk about sulit!


I super-duper looooove their coffee cups!! So cute!!


I had their flat white, and it was my first time to drink flat white coffee (note: I’m not a coffee lover, but I just wanted to try out flat white just to see what all the craze is about lol) and.. I didn’t really think it was that good, but that might be because I.. Well, y’know, I’m not really fond of coffee lol.


Butter cake! Actually, not sure if that’s the right name to call it or not, haha.


Chocolate croissant. It was good, and I love the fact that it was soft and fluffy.

They also have meals like pastas and burger which I hope to try soon enough when I come back to Cebu. Next time I might actually be able to make a separate post about Abaca lol. Seating capacity in this branch is limited so if it’s full, it can feel a bit cramped. They have free wi-fi, and connection was decent when we were there. Service was fast too! If ever you plan on staying for hours here, I suggest that you bring a jacket with you – the place can get really cold.

Abaca has a number of branches in Cebu but the one we visited was located at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City.

1. 32 Umber Cafe & Co.



Possibly my most fave café find from my trip to Cebu last December 2016! It’s located along the road, and having passed through this place a number of times, I couldn’t help but visit this place. I love this quaint café. When I say quaint, it really is. Seating is really limited.


Coffee and their matcha nutella cookie. I LOVE their cookie. It wasn’t too sweet, save for the nutella in the middle, and the matcha flavour is really prominent. Definitely for the chocolate + matcha lover out there.


I also love the way they serve their drinks and pastries here. Such a cute concept!

Despite the low seating capacity, I really like the ambiance of 32 Umber. Service is quite fast too. They don’t have free wifi though, and the nearest bathroom is not really so near – it’s located at the nearby building on the second floor.

32 Umber Cafe & Co. is located at The Forum Building, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City.

These are just some of the cafés that I visited the last time I went to Cebu. Have any comments about this place? Suggestions of new cafés to visit? Anyway, I honestly can’t wait to come back and explore the local cafés! It’s such a booming industry right now, and I’m really excited to come back to Cebu and visit more coffee shops (and restaurants as well)! *u*



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