Asunaro Pan Pacific, Malate, Manila

Having passed through the Malate area dozens of times, and having read raving reviews lauding some of the various Korean and Japanese restaurants as being really authentic, I’ve always wanted to go. On Valentine’s Day, my mom and I were headed to Conrad, but with the heavy traffic and all, we ended up stopping in Malate instead, and we ate at Asunaro located inside Pan Pacific.


Can’t remember the name of this dish but I think it’s an assorted platter of fish. Look at  their salmon, it’s so fresh!


US Beef Teppanyaki. Really yummy and tender! They actually have Japanese Kobe Beef here (!!!), and I really wanted to try it out. However, one order is around 5,000 pesos (roughly around 99 USD), and I wasn’t emotionally prepared (lolol) to let go of that much money. Not to mention that the serving size was huge (around 400 grams? Can’t remember the exact amount, but I remember thinking that it was a lot!) and we were only a party of two at the time.


This is my mom’s order salted mackerel. As I don’t like fish (the only fish that I actually like would have to be salmon haha), I didn’t try this one. She was able to finish it though so I take it that it was good.


Tamago! I actually quite liked this dish. Weird enough, it was a bit cold and a tad sweet as well, which I found to be odd, but overall, I thought it was good.


Katsudon. It was good, although I prefer Yabu’s better. It was a bit soggy due to the sauce.


Chicken karage. I liked how crispy the chicken skin was! Although, this doesn’t really make my list of food to order if ever we come back to Asunaro.


Calamares! Haha, out of all the dishes that we got, this was probably the one I liked the least. Yes, it was crispy, but the squid was cut too thickly for my taste. Still, I did like the crispy factor of this dish, but the taste was bland for me.

One of the things that I really appreciate in Asunaro is that their menu has pictures in it. Not just one or two photos of dishes scattered in a page, but most, if not all, of their dishes have accompanying photos in it. Which is awesome, if you ask me, as their dishes have Japanese names on them. Service is also quite fast, and that’s despite the fact that the place was full when we got there, so that’s another plus. However, as we were checking our bill, there were slight discrepancies (like the fact that they included iced tea in our bill – lol, turns out it was the next table’s order), but other than that, our experience in Asunaro was really good.

There’s no wifi though, so there’s that. Anyway, if you frequent Malate, Asunaro also has a membership card, though I don’t really know how their card works, haha.

Asunaro Japanese Restaurant is located at Level 2, Pan Pacific Manila, M. Adriatico cor Gen. Malvar St, Malate, Manila.


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