Casa Verde, SM Seaside Cebu

Nowadays, there are a lot of branches of Casa Verde all over Cebu, and even a few in Manila. The first time I went to Casa Verde was in their IT Park branch, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in Cebu! I love the food there, not only was it affordable, but it also packs a lot of flavour too, and the serving is also quite big. On our last visit to Cebu, I was able to go to one of their new branches, the one located at Sky Park in SM Seaside.


Look at those yummy chicken wings! Not really fond of the wing part of chickens though so I didn’t get to try this one, but just by looking at it (and seeing it disappear in a matter of what felt like seconds lol), I think it’s safe to say that it is, indeed, as good as it looks.


Ribs! It seemed to be on the dry side though, and we had to request for additional sauce.


I love their Chicken fried Chicken. It’s basically chicken fillet, haha, a large one at that. I also love the sauce that came with it and wished it came with more sauce haha.


Hands-down my fave dish ever in Casa Verde. I never fail to order this whenever I come to any of their branches. I LOVE David Dean’s Steak. The meat is covered with cheese, and topped with onion rings, and it’s perfectly paired up with mashed potatoes. I love that their beef is really tender – none of those grisly parts that some steak cuts have.


We also ordered burger. Forgot what this one is called. Lol, I think the burger kinda looks sad here.


Ta-da! Looks prettier, doesn’t it? Wish I could say the same thing about its taste. For me, it was actually kinda bland.


Fail flat lay. ;; Next time I’ll definitely do better haha!

Anyway, though there’s no free wi-fi, I do love the ambiance of this place. I also love this branch because seating and service is faster compared to their other branches. Quality of their food seems to be higher here too!

Casa Verde, SRP is located at Sky Park, Third Floor, SM Seaside City Cebu, SRP (South Road Properties), Cebu City.











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