Snapshot: Central District, Hong Kong

One of the last remaining posts of my recently concluded trip to Hong Kong last December 2016. I’m hoping to come back soon, maybe this summer? Who knows, haha.


This isn’t exactly part of Central yet, as I took this photo in one of the alleys in Wan Chai – the alley was a flea market of sorts where clothes and other souvenirs were being sold for low prices.



Whenever one looks up in Hong Kong, you would always be greeted by the sight of tall buildings.



Before heading off to Central, we grabbed a quick bite at one of the small restaurants that line the streets of Wan Chai.


On our way to the Central-Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system, we passed by this building. I can’t remember what it’s called but according to my dad it’s actually a pretty famous building.


The Central Mid-levels escalator  is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The escalator connects Central and Western Districts, with the SoHo and residential districts of the Mid-levels, from Queen’s Road to Conduit Road.


Some of the sights we saw as we went up, up, up!


In the morning rush hour it runs downhill, then from 10:30 a.m. until midnight it switches direction and runs uphill. Anyway, we went there during the afternoon, around 3pm, so the escalators were going up. We weren’t actually aiming to go to the escalators, we wanted to go to PMQ, but since we were already lost, and the fact that the escalators seemed to be going on forever, we ended up taking the stairs down and went back to our hotel instead, haha. ;;



At least we got to see some interesting looking sights – that, and this was a place that we haven’t been to before even though we’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times already.



On a different day, we took the tram and alighted in another part of Central again, this time, we wanted to go to IFC Mall.



On the way to IFC Mall, we passed by a lot of OFWs. It was actually quite nice to hear them chattering in Filipino – it almost felt like I was just in Ayala Makati, haha!


We actually reached our destination this time ’round!! Yas.


So many pretty buildings.



View from the Apple store, haha.


Anyway, after a short stroll around IFC, we went back to the hotel. I didn’t come back empty handed, though! At least I got to cross off my list of things to try in Hong Kong, that is, I bought macarons from Pierre Herme!!



They were all really good! From what I can remember I got their chocolate, caramel, rose petal, and foie gras flavoured macarons. Weird enough, what really stood out for me would be their foie gras and rose petal macarons. My fave would have to be the red one though – the foie gras. It was really delicious! They were quite pricey, but I think it’s still a nice way to treat yourself, especially once in a while, haha.


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