Zoobic Safari, Subic

Yesterday we went to Clark, Pampanga to catch the 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival. However, since we came too late at around 9AM, we didn’t catch sight of any, haha. ;; So instead of staying in Clark, we ended up going to Subic instead. Talk about spontaneous lol. Since this was all a spur of the moment kind of thing, we didn’t actually have any plans as to what we were going to do once we arrive at Subic. However, after grabbing lunch at Harbor Point, after finding the Zoobic Safari stall within the place, we decided that we would go there instead. We also availed of their promo – 1,999 pesos for 4 people. This already includes seeing all the attractions in Zoobic, and that includes the tram ride + jeep ride, that is close encounter with the tigers.


There were wild monkeys around the place, and this little fella greeted us as we drove to Zoobic. Haha, it was so cute!



Some of the merchandise they sell at their souvenir shop.



Trams that will take you around the premises of Zoobic.



On our way to the other attractions, we were greeted with this kind of scenery. There were all sorts of animals like horses, zebras, and even camels!


As well as pigs. There were a LOT of pigs here, and they seem to be free to roam anywhere, since during our visit they were roaming freely without a care in the world.


The first stop that the tram made was to go to the Lion Close Encounter and Forbidden Cave. I don’t have photos of the Forbidden Cave as it was dark inside and aside from the models of various animals in there, there really was nothing much to see or do there. Personally, I think it’s an attraction that you can skip.


One of the lions. It was hard to get a good shot with the bars and all. Still, compared to the lions at Manila Zoo, the ones here seem to be better taken care of.


Grumpy lioness.


After a short walk, we ended up waiting for our turn to ride the jeep – which would take us to a close encounter with the lions and tigers. Notice any errors in the signs? Well, if not, I’m just going to point it out. ‘Attented’.

It’s not only the signs that irked me. It was the way that Zoobic handles the queue here. If anyone from Zoobic reads this (which I doubt lol), I have a suggestion: Instead of following the order of people getting to ride the jeep in the way you do now, I think it’s better to just have it in a first come first serve basis.

We were held up for around an hour and 30 minutes just to ride the jeep. It wasn’t scorching hot though, thank heavens, but still, I guess it was to be expected as we came on a weekend. Still, the way the line moves is like this:

They have 6 lines in total, and people are called by their tram number. So, for example, your group’s (assuming that you went with a group and not by yourself) tram number is 20. So, even if you came earlier here than say, for example, someone who’s part of tram number 18, you’re not given a priority as the way things go here, they call up those that will get to wait on lines 1-6 by their tram number. With that said, even if you get to the waiting area first than another person (in this case the person from tram 18), that person will still be the one to ride the safari jeep first. Which I think is really unfair because some people take far too long in some attractions and their names are being called again and again through the speaker, and I think that just delays things.

Really, I think to avoid such headaches they should just simplify things: Turn it into a first come first serve line!! Plz. \end of rant


Still, I guess that the safari jeep ride was worth it. I did get some decent shots. Again, it was hard to do so as there were bars getting in the way but I’m quite happy that I did manage. Sort of.


It was quite hot out yesterday, and I can sympathise with this tiger. I would have loved to have a dip too haha.






For 200 pesos, you can get chicken which would be fed to the lions/tigers. As what the person manning the waiting area said, you don’t have to worry as you’re not going to be the one to like, literally feed the animal. You’ll have a zoo trainer on board to do that for you. Our group didn’t avail of this package though so the lions and tigers regarded us with very, very mild interest. Sad. Actually, the lion did get close as it sniffed for food. But I didn’t get to take a decent shot as the close proximity of the lion kinda intimidated me haha. ;;



Tigers! They’re such pretty animals. *u*


This could’ve been better if the bars weren’t blocking the tiger’s eyes! ;wwww;


We got on the tram again and ended up in this part of Zoobic. More cute tigers! Although, I think that they are being kept in too small quarters. Would be better, I think, if they were allowed to roam freely for at least most part of the day and just be kept inside at night or something.


What are you looking at, hooman?


Their coats do seem really soft and fluffy though. At least in that aspect they do seem to be well taken care of.


At the point we reached Croco Loco, we were all too exhausted to even go around taking photos. Anyway, we missed some attractions like the Bone Museum and Aeta’s trail as we ended our trip to Zoobic early.

Anyway, the place is quite pretty, and seeing the tigers up close was fun. If you haven’t visited Zoobic yet then it is a fun place to go to. Next time we’re in Subic, I’m hoping to visit El Kabayo, haha!

Before heading home, you can also have a quick photo stop here. 
Zoobic Safari is located at Ilanin Forest West, Morong, Bataan, Philippines


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